The Bunyadi gets a permanent home in London

A little while back I wrote about the upcoming naked restaurant the Bunyadi, a pop up with a very noticeable difference amongst its clientele. Well, it looks like it’s here to stay.
A resounding success the Bunyadi launched in the spring with more than 45,000 Londoners unceremoniously dropping their robes in order to experience the UK’s first naked dining experience as tickets sold out at an alarming rate.

The concept is the brainchild of Lollipop, the company behind ABQ, a pop-up cocktail lab in an RV trailer inspired by hit TV show Breaking Bad as well as the Owl Café.

The restaurant’s founder, Seb Lyall of Lollipop, told Big Hospitality that plans are in the works to find a permanent site for the revealing eatery. He also told the site that the pop-up had been a great success and went without incident, adding that most of the customers were around 30 years old and two thirds were women

‘It’s not only about taking your clothes off,’ said Seb. ‘It’s kind of a social experiment.

‘Imagine a place where you can go for a nice meal and we encourage you to dress down rather than dress up, it’s liberating.’ He also went on to explain “We’re talking about people who have lived through the basic pyramid of life who don’t see naked bodies as sexual.”

The Bunyadi aimed to take diners back to basics in a canopied space filled with candles, bamboo and wicker. Working with natural and home-grown ingredients, the restaurant was free from phones, electric lights and clothing. However dining naked isn’t obligatory as the restaurant was split into clothed and naked sections.


When the Bunyadi originally opened, diners were offered one of two five-course set menus – vegan and non-vegan – for just under £60, including a bathrobe and slippers that could be taken home, but the price did not include drinks. They then expanded the menu with a three course offering, again coming in vegan and non-vegan choices.

The permanent site will echo the pop-up’s format of serving grilled meats on a wood fire and raw foods served on handmade clay crockery will edible cutlery.

While further details of the Bunyadi’s permanent home are still in the works Lollipop announced they will also be looking for a permanent venue for their Breaking Bad themed ABQ bar as well as launching a new series of pop ups in London of varying scales.

London isn’t alone in its love of naked dining though, Paris, Berlin and Tokyo all have their own versions.

Although the initial fears of hot soup being dropped in lamps and accidents over lit candles haven’t come to fruition, there are still some dangers out there.

Let’s just hope if a site is found in the next few months and with the Bunyadi’s lack of electricity or gas, that the Bunyadi’s patrons don’t get a chillier welcome than they were expecting.



Stephanie Hall

Stephanie Hall

Steph enjoys eating healthily (most of the time), keeping up to date with the latest trends and writing.

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