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Knapton is a village slightly off the beaten track, although it’s not far from the city of York. At its heart lies the picture-perfect, quintessential pub The Red Lion. At first glance, appearances aren’t everything. Although The Red Lion’s unassuming hanging baskets and white walls look as though they could belong to any country pub, inside is a different story.

Chef and owner Annie Prescott has been at the helm since 2009 and is the kind of head chef villagers dream of. Annie knows the industry far better than most village chefs though. She began her foodie career at the two-Michelin-starred Le Gavroche, in London, where she trained under Michael Roux Jr. In fact, Albert Roux gave Prescott away at her wedding. After working at Le Gavroche, she moved on to the demanding kitchen at The White Hart in Nayland, Suffolk, which is in partnership with Michael Roux’s Waterside Inn, before heading up Melton’s.

The Red Lion Knapton food

Now, Annie can be found serving honest food at fair prices at The Red Lion in Knapton. The kitchen is at the top of its game, with Annie only letting fresh, local produce through the kitchen doors in order to create dishes that stay true to their roots. What she offers is a simple, great-value menu featuring unfussy British dishes – just what the locals ordered. Annie’s wealth of talent and flair mean she offers a dining experience you’ll want to encounter again and again. This may just be the recipe for the pub’s shining success.

Annie doesn’t stay behind kitchen doors, though. She’s a firm part of the community, often taking part in charity events to raise money for good causes. It’s this good-heartedness that’s also reflected in her cooking.

To check out our review of The Red Lion, have a peek inside the Yorkshire Guide online.

Joele Forrester

Joele Forrester

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