Spreading his wings and hopefully soaring to new culinary heights, Freddy Bird, former director and executive head chef of the Lido, is excited to be bringing his own, brand new restaurant to Westbury Park, Bristol.

Recently topping the list of the ‘Best Foodie Spot for Travellers’ in a Kitchen Knives survey which researched 30 of the UK’s biggest cities and towns and rated the food scene based on variety, quality, and affordability, Bristol is already considered by many as the best place to dine in the country, but now it’s about to get better.

little french, opening in early July on North View, is primed to become one of Bristol’s most beloved restaurants. Promising to provide diners with a laid-back, wine-led approach to French cuisine, if anyone can inject new energy into Bristol’s already thriving and competitive food scene, its Bristol-native Freddy.

Inspired in part by his first ever job in the industry, working at Mayfair’s two Michelin star restaurant, The Square, Freddy wants little french to be the kind of place he’d want to go, grounded on affordable but gutsy dishes.

Speaking to Bristol24/7, Freddy explained: “Every chef says: ‘this is what I cook, but this is what I love to eat’, but I’m going to cook what I love to eat”.

The restaurant also takes inspiration from Freddy’s wife, Nessa, who grew up in the Vosges in eastern France. Spending several weeks in France each year, the Bird family have always talked about launching this new project together, but now is the perfect time.

Open seven days a week for breakfast, lunch and dinner and with a menu focused on Freddy Bird’s passion for sourcing the perfect produce, Freddy wants Bristolians to see little french as a versatile and cosy neighbourhood restaurant; the ideal place for anything from a quick morning pick-me-up to an elegant three-course dinner.

The Bird family have already selected a comprehensive wine list, with wines predominantly coming from France, and are looking forward to bringing the restaurant to life in the next couple of weeks with family heirlooms being shipped in from France. A true family endeavour, Freddy’s mum, Buddy, has even handmade all the new plates for the restaurant.

Nessa told Bristol 24/7: “Every decision that is being made is about making sure that when you walk through the door, you realise how much we care; from what you eat, to what you see, to how you feel”.

Freddy continued: “Here, I just want people to have fun; to have a laugh and make noise. Stiff and stuffy doesn’t fit in Bristol, and it doesn’t fit for us, either”.

Already a well-known figure with foodies throughout the city thanks to his award-winning decade as director and executive head chef at the Lido, his time as executive head chef at Bristol favourites the Glassboat and Three Brothers Burger, and his role as the co-presenter of Channel 4 series Hidden Restaurants alongside Michel Roux Jr, Bristol’s world-class food scene simply wouldn’t be the same without Freddy Bird, and with the opening of little french next month, it’s future is only looking brighter.

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