liquid nitrogen ice cream

Sub-zero experimentalists Brozen have announced plans to open a brand new ice cream cocktail bar in Bristol.

After launching in St Nick’s Market last year, the Cornish brothers’ exciting start-up has gone from strength to strength. If you’re a Bristol native you’ve probably noticed the clouds of liquid nitrogen smoke as you walk by.

Liquid nitrogen is added to the ice cream mixture, creating smaller ice crystals and a smoother texture than more traditional methods of ice cream making.

liquid nitrogen ice cream in bristol

After the duo realised their dream, a few years back, they set off to explore Europe on bikes, in search of the perfect ice cream, believing there was a way to make it better. Equipped with exciting plans, they set up shop at the covered market in St Nick’s.

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Since then, things have escalated for the gelato-loving brothers. The new bar will offer frozen cocktails, all the drinks you could want and of course, their signature nitro treats. Existing favourite flavours include chai, salted caramel, carrot cake and chocolate orange but expect plenty of new scientific creations to come! The bar s set to open its doors on the week beginning the 16th October.

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