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One of the key stages in planning any event is choosing a theme. With a theme, you can set the tone for your event and establish an atmosphere that you want your guests to enjoy as they enter the room. While plenty of decorations and the right food can go a long way towards giving you a better theme experience, one of the most overlooked elements in any dinner party is the glassware.

Glassware not only adds an extra-special element to your dinner party, but it also communicates the theme, and can even help you to improve the taste of certain drinks. For theme purposes, the right glassware is essential. For instance, say your event has a Mediterranean theme with a high-class tone. A few beer glasses from your kitchen won’t do it, but some beautiful red wine glasses could speak to the atmosphere that you’re looking for.

A wedding or formal event will require more luxurious options, such as crystal glassware and thin stems, while an informal event could make use of tumblers or stemless wine glasses.

The importance of glassware at a dinner party

The shape and style of the glassware that you use at your dinner party is a great way to set the mood and atmosphere for your guests. When you’re trying to portray high class, there are few things more effective than stunning pieces of glass. However, it’s worth noting that your choice of glassware can be a lot more than just a visual piece.

Although things such as glass bowls in the centre of your table and vases designed to draw the eye around the room can give your event glamour and sophistication, the use of glassware for drinks and beverages also has a functional part to play at a dinner party. While your guests are enjoying the floating lilies in your glass bowls, they could be enjoying the way that a tall, thin champagne glass offers an even, acidic taste throughout their palette.

Different wines are often recommended with different glasses because of the way that these drinks respond to the air around them. For instance, red wine is generally more suited to a deeper, bowl-shaped glass than white wine, as the openness of the design allows the wine to swirl, breathe and focus the richness of the flavour onto the tongue.

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What to look for in your glassware

The glassware that you choose for your dinner party will depend on the impact that you want to have with your guests. For instance, if you’re looking for glassware that simply represents the theme and does nothing else, then you might look for coloured glass that you can distribute in the form of vases, glasses and even unique decorative pieces.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for glassware to specifically serve a purpose, then think about the following things:

  • Will you need different glassware for different drinks? For instance, do you need a glass pitcher for water, tumblers for soft drinks, and a collection of white or red wine glasses to choose from?
  • Do you have a theme that you want your glassware to match? If so, can you find bowls or vases that match your glasses?
  • Are you hoping for an informal or formal event? If you’re trying to make sure that your event appears as classy as possible, then wine glasses and champagne flutes could be the perfect option.

Floating flowers in glass bowls could convey romance for an engagement dinner party or wedding, while colourful tumblers are more fun and informal.

Make sure that the items you choose are not only beautiful but also functional and durable. After all, the last thing you want is for a broken glass to ruin the night!

Don’t overlook your glassware

Glassware is frequently overlooked by people when planning a dinner party, but it’s safe to say that it’s one of the most important elements in making sure that the theme and atmosphere are perfect. With the right glassware, you can instantly add charm to an event and make sure that your guests have an experience that they’ll never forget.

Selecting the right glassware for your bar, table or even the surrounding decoration will help to enhance the appearance of your overall presentation, add a touch of elegance to whatever you serve, and make sure that you get that special flair that takes an ordinary night of dining into a unique event.

Knowing the basics of which wine, beer and cocktail glasses you should be using, as well as how to match your glassware to your chosen theme, will add flavour not just to your chosen drinks but also to your evening!

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