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The UK is not necessarily famous for its culinary delights. However, plenty of desserts and puddings are worth trying, across the country and there are tonnes of restaurants to explore. So, if you find yourself visiting a new city, you definitely want to check out these 8 incredible restaurant desserts and puddings.

1. Summer Berry Savarin at Brasserie Blanc (various locations)

If you want the perfect dessert to go with the warm sunny days, you need to visit one of England’s best towns and find the beautiful chain restaurant called Brasserie Blanc. This pudding is going to take your heart and leave you wanting for more. It’s a kirsch and vanilla-soaked cake with plenty of berries to add freshness. You can taste strawberries and raspberries in the cake and enjoy a cooling strawberry coulis and crème Chantilly on the side. It’s simple but definitely worth trying.


2. Bitter Chocolate Millefeuille at Roux at the Landau (London)

The bitter chocolate dessert is not only incredibly tasty but it’s definitely one of the most photogenic desserts you can find anywhere in the world. This heavenly dessert combines the bitter taste of the dark chocolate with some cool maple ice cream and it’s topped with a taste of salted pecans. It’s a great combination of sweet, bitter and salty creating a lovely texture in your mouth. Not to mention, the dessert is created by famous Michel Roux Jr – famous in Britain for featuring in the MasterChef TV-show.

3. Crème Caramel at Côte (Cobham)

When it comes to classic puddings, crème caramel is a delicate dish. If you are a fan of these sorts of French classics, then you need to visit Côte in Cobham. The restaurant specialises in French cuisine and its desserts are super divine. Although the menu has plenty of good options, the crème caramel is definitely worth checking out. The traditional pudding is served with vanilla pod custard, dark caramel and a hint of cream – it is simple and divine.


4. Macaroons at Yauatcha (London)

Macaroons are always a great dessert to try and the UK has its fair share of great macaroon patisseries. If you are in London, you should visit the Michelin-starred Yauatcha – the best restaurant to explore culinary delights with a difference. The restaurant’s macaroons come in many flavours such as passion fruit, lavender honey and five spices. A beautiful treat when you are looking for something small and simple.

5. Chocolate Nemesis at the River Café (London)

This simple chocolate cake might sound and look rather innocuous. However, once you take a bit of this heavenly treat, you will understand why you should never judge a book by its cover. The chocolate pudding is actually made without flour – so it’s a different take on a classic. It’s such an indulgent dessert that you definitely need to ensure you are wearing stretch pants – or just skip the main course and enjoy the pudding. It’s definitely worth it.

6. Popcorn Brownie at TGI Fridays (various locations)

Chain restaurants might not seem like a place to taste stunning desserts but there are good options out there. TGI Friday is a nice option if you are looking for tasty treats and their Popcorn Brownie Sunday is definitely worth trying. You’ll be able to enjoy chocolate brownie chunks together with hot fudge and caramel sauce. All of this will also come with proper ice cream and sticky toffee popcorn. The dessert is topped with freshly whipped cream to give you that last bit of indulgence.


7.  Alcohol Ice Cream at the Slug and Lettuce (Staines)

Another cool pick for the summer is a scoop of alcoholic ice cream at the Slug and Lettuce. The treat comes in three stunning flavours: Strawberry Bellini, Piña Colada and Mint Mojito and it is hard to recommend one over the others. So, perhaps it’s best to just try all of them! The ice cream is served with wafer, which grownups can get in an alcoholic version as well. The beautiful restaurant also treats its customers with 2 for 1 offer on desserts so don’t miss your opportunity to taste something refreshing and classic.

8. Anything from the Café at Hotel Café Royal (London)

Finally, if you love dessert, you should definitely consider visiting the elegant Café at Hotel Café Royal. The cafeteria turns into a dessert restaurant – one of the very first in London – and treats its visitors with visually beautiful treats and stunningly tasty flavours. The café is run by Sarah Barber and the menu is full of different cakes and pastries that are guaranteed to tickle your taste buds. If we’d have to give one recommendation, it would be the Rhubarb and Raspberry Eton Mess.

If you are in the UK, you definitely want to check out the above restaurant desserts and puddings. You should make sure to check to find offers for UK restaurants – for example, check out the offers for Tastecard.

Now, you just have to pick your favourite dessert from the above list and visit the restaurant. You are sure to enjoy the culinary experience and satisfy your sweet tooth for the summer.

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Jen Merrikin

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