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The bustling, historic city of Bath with its scenic undulating hills and beautiful countryside is a really exciting place to live and work if you’re a chef, restaurateur, or keen foodie. We were delighted to hear what it’s like to work in the food industry in Bath and Somerset first-hand from one of the region’s top chefs, Gordon Jones.

Menu Gordon Jones offers a surprise tasting menu that utilises fantastic fresh ingredients sourced from in and around Bath and Somerset. According to Gordon, there really is a huge variety of ingredients out there to work with at present, and the culinary landscape is all the better for it.

‘It’s great to see that the diners of Bath and Somerset are embracing an open-minded attitude to food that keeps chefs on our toes and ever-inspired to be creative.’

With a wealth of experience and a well-loved and -established restaurant in Bath, Gordon has a unique insight into the challenges that restaurateurs in the area currently face at this time of fantastic growth and opportunity.

‘Bath and Somerset are currently going through some important changes; the status of Bath as a World Heritage Site is growing by the minute. Exciting new hotels and restaurants are appearing in the region and a conference centre is opening up very soon. This, I hope, has and will continue to bring more competition to the food market and consequently drive standards to an all-time high.’

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Gordon personally wishes to be challenged with something new and different and wholeheartedly encourages the rivalry that he hopes will see innovation and fresh ideas flourish in the coming years. Competition and culinary diversity means that the customer is always in control of the food scene and that diners are continuously looking for something more crafted and considered.

Consequently, Gordon highlights that we also need more talented chefs in the area and to encourage young people to get into cooking.

‘Luckily, Bath and Somerset is a beautiful area to live and work in and we have a bevy of talented chefs, including Chris Staines and Wang Ping Coombes, and great local producers, such as my fantastic local butcher Walter Rose.’

In order to create the freshest and most exciting menus possible, it’s important to rely heavily on suppliers, so we were keen to find out where Gordon finds his outstanding produce:

‘I have recently found a superb foraging business called Bello Wild Foods. My other local food heroes include small businesses like Just Kidding at Dartland Farm, which grows and rears to a consistently high standard. There are hidden treasures to be found at the farmers’ market in Green Park too’

It’s clear that there really is no shortage of places to eat out in Bath and Somerset and there’s truly something for everyone. Among Gordon’s favourites are the Longs Arms, Yak Yeti Yak and The Pig Near Bath, but we’re sure the varied selection in this guide will help you discover some local gems of your own.

Request your free copy of the Bath & Somerset Food & Drink Guide here, or see a digital copy below:



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