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You may have heard about the trend for Turmeric Lattes, or ‘golden milk’ to those in the know – last year it took the nation by storm thanks to the health benefits of the once neglected spice.

It was made from a mixture of cold-pressed turmeric juice and almond, cashew or coconut milk and you could find the health conscious posting pictures of this trend all over the internet.

A new trend that is popping up everywhere to the health conscious coffee fan is that of charcoal latte.  Since the last big trend of Turmeric Lattes, we’ve also seen beetroot lattes and even unicorn lattes.

Rather than the charcoal that you use on a barbecue, or scrape off your toast, these lattes use activated charcoal  and they’re supposed to be insanely good for your digestion. They’re also said to work wonders for a hangover.

Not only popping up in coffee shops but in skincare and toothpaste as well. Charcoal is something that has been around for years but people are only now realising the health benefits.

Love coffee but hate the teeth stains, expense and calories?  CLR CFF can be drunk cold on its own or mixed into cocktails – clear espresso martini anyone?

The brother’s who have developed this idea  have not gone into detail about the process for filtering but have confirmed that it uses freshly roasted Arabica coffee beans and is free from preservatives, stabilisers and sweeteners. This clear coffee contains only 8 calories per 200ml bottle!

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At only £5.99 for two bottles, a hit of CLR CFF works out nearly the same as your coffee shop latte on your daily commute.

In conclusion – less calories, no teeth stains and convenient to carry around. What’s not to love?

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