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Fancy yourself as the next TV chef? Gordon Ramsay wants you to cook your way to victory in his new ITV show Culinary Genius.

If you enjoy nothing more than hunkering down in the kitchen baking, roasting and simmering away to create tasty dishes, then there’s a new TV show that wants to hear from you. Gordon Ramsay is set to return to ITV with his high-octane cookery competition, Culinary Genius. The show will pit your skills against eight other contestants in front of a studio audience, with a cash prize up for grabs as well as the kudos of impressing Mr Ramsay himself. ‘Every day there will be nine contestants that compete over a series of three rounds that test their culinary talent. One will emerge as the winner and gain the title of Culinary Genius’ he says.

According to Gordon, the programme will showcase not only amateur chefs’ abilities to cook, but will also be testing other essential kitchen skills in a series of exciting challenges. ‘I’m hoping all sorts of people from all walks of life will apply, whether it’s the gran in the countryside or the cool hipster foodie in London,’ he adds. ‘I think that over the past five years food has really taken off and now people care about where it comes from and how they eat. With that, it’s made the country a nation of better home cooks.’

Gordon isn’t the only big name you’ll need to impress. While he’ll be the first to run the show, each week will see a different professional chef casting their eye over the contestants’ efforts. ‘I’ll be the chef in the first week, but I’ll have my eyes over all the episodes throughout the season,’ says Gordon. ‘I created Culinary Genius because I wanted to bring the competitiveness and intensity of a game show into the food world, and that’s the feel that I hope the show will have. I think people should apply because the show is high-octane, fun and – most importantly – brag-worthy! Don’t people want to impress me on my new UK cooking show? They get to show off their skills, meet some of the best chefs in the country and even win some money.’

Think you’ve got what it takes? Apply to take part in the show by emailing [email protected] or visit itv.com/beontv for details.

Tori Sharpe

Tori Sharpe

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