A very special offer for Facebook friends.

The TownHouse Bar and Restaurant based in Clifton; a gorgeous suburb of Bristol and home to many of the city’s most iconic spots including Brunel’s famous Suspension Bridge, the Observatory and Bristol Zoo, is a gorgeous restaurant where the surrounding Georgian architecture and opulence is cleverly mixed with a whimsical sense of quirkiness and a warmth that Bristol independents are famous for.

Lucky for us (and you), Nick and Vanessa the owners of The TownHouse who are not just extremely talented duo but also incredibly warm and care the utmost about their customers, have brought back their three courses for £10 offer for another limited period for Facebook friends and we here at Fed Up and Drunk are incredibly excited about it. As it says on their website “In these tough times we still want our customers to be able to enjoy dining out with us” and they haven’t disappointed with this incredible offer.

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£10 for three courses seems like a ridiculous amount considering the amazing quality of the menu which sounds more like a showcase for the best of British produce rather than a menu.
The TownHouse serves only properly aged beef which comes from the Ashdale range, pork which is mainly Gloucester old spot and the lamb either Welsh salt marsh in season or good local stock from Somerset. Fish and shellfish are delivered daily from Brixham in Devon (The TownHouse prides itself on serving that day’s landings straight to their customers). Fruit and vegetables here come in muddy and unpackaged and in different shapes and sizes like they should be, all direct from local farmers by way of ‘Reg the Veg’ up in Clifton village.

You’re not just getting quality at The TownHouse but also a love and respect for ingredients that really makes the food here sing. And there is something for everyone with vegetarian offerings as well as gluten free options but let’s get down to business and the part you really want to know; what can I expect from the menu? Well when I read what exactly was on offer I’m not afraid to say I started imagining every dish and mentally undressing it.
To start you can devour calamari with coconut, coriander & lime mayo or truffled garlic mushrooms on toasted brioche, a pulled pork slider with apple sauce and fennel slaw are among the options and for a little bit extra you can enjoy my personal favourite scallops, black pudding and London particular with truffle oil.
Reading through the mains on offer I found myself telling the menu to shut up which is kind of the way I would take the news if I ever won the lottery.

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There are the classics (which are classics for a reason) like mussels & chips with white wine, garlic and parsley and a gorgeous wild mushroom risotto but then you’re hit with lamb and mint sausages and bubble and squeak with mint gravy (shut up) and 4oz Hangar steak, fries, rocket with the option to double up on steak (just stop) I’m not even listing every option on the sections but it’s easy at this point to forget these are part of the set menu at the cost I mentioned.

Then comes probably the most dessert options I’ve ever seen on a set menu for this price, from the Eton mess of Cheddar strawberries & almonds, Sticky toffee pudding and vanilla ice cream, Raspberry or lemon sorbet served with fresh berries, something called the Chocolate Nemesis served with vanilla cream (I’m sorry, chocolate will never be my enemy) and for those who love something a little more savoury you can round off your meal with the King of Cheese himself; Stilton served with biscuits and chutney.
In my opinion you’d be an absolute fool to miss out and I personally will be making the most of this offer with friends and loved ones, heck at this price I may take a whole army with me.
But seriously, how better to celebrate friendship and love than by visiting this The TownHouse which is brimming with both.

Terms of the deal: To participate in this three courses for £10 offer, just have to follow The TownHouse on Facebook and, if you’re already Facebook friends you just need to comment on the official page each time you come in, and you can have the deal as many times as you like. Not all dishes are listed here please see the full menu for details
The menu is available Summer/Autumn 2016. Monday- Friday 12-7pm, Saturday 12-6pm, unavailable on Sundays.
Telephone: 0117 973 9302
E-mail: [email protected]
Twitter: @TownHouseBris

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Stephanie Hall

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