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Street food is not particularly new; it’s a food fixation that has been creeping along our kerbs, filling us with flavour and food from around the world. With the British weather, however, al fresco vendors often have to retreat to covered markets, huddle together under umbrellas and hope that the drizzle won’t put you off. Street in Coventry has taken no chances, staying indoors so everyone can lap up rustic dining come rain or shine.

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Since opening in summer 2015 Street has been putting its stamp on Earlsdon’s food scene, offering a culinary walk down streets all across Asia. The extensive menu has plenty to choose from. Classics such as katsu curry, pad Thai, yaki udon anda steaming bowl of ramen are all available. If you can’t make up your mind try the Street Thai – a selection of four different curries served with the all-important sticky rice, and a flat bread. The menu caters for everyone, offering a wealth of gluten-free and vegetarian options. For something a little different, the braised beef massaman is a South-East Asian dish done justice by the staff at Street. The tender slow-braised beef is gently spiced and boasts flavours of tamarind, coconut cream and peanuts.

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If, unlike me, you’re happy to share your food, Street has a range of small plates that allow you to take a little trip around the whole of Asia in several large mouthfuls. I suggest starting with some crispy Thai crackers, nibbling on some prawn toast and a fluffy Chinese bao bun, before getting hands-on with Korean king ribs and finishing with some light and crispy tempura.

The spice levels vary from dish to dish but if you’ve been overzealous with your choice there are plenty of drinks at hand to sooth your tastebuds. With a great selection of Asian beer and an impressive cocktail list, it’ll be difficult to choose. The cocktails are peppered with refreshing Asian flavours such as coconut, lime, ginger and mint.

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It seems that Street combines the best of both worlds – full-of-flavour street food without the weather permitting al fresco experience. The restaurant is relaxed, keeping half of the restaurant for walk-in’s, while the casual seating and chatty atmosphere keeps the street food vibe alive. But if you miss queuing in the drizzle for hot yummy Asian delights, then visit Street on a busy day and you might be in luck.

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Izzy Emberson

Izzy Emberson

Izzy’s enthusiasm for food and cooking came from family holidays to Tuscany and the south of France. She loves anything from the sea and growing up in Norfolk there was never a shortage of fresh fish or a yummy Cromer crab. Before turning her hand to writing she studied history of art so when she’s not in the kitchen she spends her time wandering aimlessly round galleries and museums.

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