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The Wine Handbag

Whether you want to look swish at the races be ready to festival, or if you’re just strutting the catwalk; this little beauty holds up to 4 litres of wine in a camouflaged hand bag.  You can also purchase disposable bags to customize your beverage.

It may not be Prada but it’ll make you merrier than being locked in Givenchy with a platinum card.

Everyone knows the best wine comes in a bag anyway, read on to find out about additional resources to your kitchen cabinet.

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Smart Breakfast Toaster

Save time for sunbathing by using this brilliant breakfast invention. In addition to a classic toaster, the Breakfast Master Toaster can steam boil no less than six eggs at any one time. A nifty needle at the bottom of the measuring cup allows you to piece egg shells to avoid cracking when steaming, allowing you to create the perfect runny boiled egg. You can even do bacon on this beaut.

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The Peanut butter maker

Want to make your own fresh homemade peanut butter? Well now you can with this easy to use Peanut Butter Maker. Get the kids involved too! Simply place your favourite type of nut into the raised compartment, turn the unit on, add oil and out comes fresh nut butter! Less calorific than shop bought peanut butters this little beaut will help you own the way to getting that beach body unlike me who has put it off for yet another year.

You can even add sweeteners and spices like honey, chocolate, sugar, cinnamon, salt and more to create mouth-watering peanut butter which you can share with all your friends.


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Chill Core – 3-In-1 Wine Chiller

In this day and age, with all our new-fangled technology, you’d think that having a glass of wine would be an easy task. Just take the bottle out and drink! But no, you have to keep the bottle in the fridge till you need it, take it out, put it on ice, keep it cool, make sure you have something to help pour it and then hope the whole bottle gets finished or you’re stuck with a bottle you can’t preserve!

Queue the Chill Core 3-in-1! This innovative little piece of cleverness does everything you need to keep your wine cool and fresh, and allows you to pour it too! Simply make sure your Chill Core has been placed in the freezer prior to use, and it will make sure your bottles remain cooler for longer thanks to its clever inner gel and seamless design. When you need to pour, just tip the Chill Core with the bottle in, and voila! Easy as pie. You can even keep your bottles preserved for longer, just by using the top on your Chill Core. No more wasted wine, no more melting ice and no more disappointing drinks!

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Sushi Bazooka

Liven up your picnic menu by making hassle free; perfect every time sushi with the Sushi Bazooka. Simply put the rice and your favourite filling into the Sushi Bazooka sushi maker, and seal it. Push gently on the plunger to push the ready-made sushi out. Wrap it up in seaweed, slice up and serve!

Stephanie Hall

Stephanie Hall

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