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A Midlands boy born and raised, Paul Foster – head chef at fine dining establishment par excellence, The Dining Room at Mallory Court – knows a thing or two about seeking out the best that the area has to offer, in terms of produce and ingredients. With Warwickshire and Birmingham both fast becoming hubs for world-class food and drink, we check-in with Paul to get his thoughts on the rapidly escalating eating out scene in the heart of Britain:

“Birmingham is now firmly on the map for diverse restaurants, passionate chefs and interesting food that spans all cuisines. It’s motivating as a chef to live in a city with no fewer than six Michelin-starred restaurants, and I imagine there will be more on the way in the coming years as the city continues to take centre stage as a world-class food destination.”

“As a local boy, born and raised in the Midlands, I am happy to be working in the heart of Warwickshire at such an iconic hotel as Mallory Court, surrounded by a rich natural larder that means my menus practically write themselves – our location right at the heart of Britain means that we have access to the finest produce around. My ethos is to use the best suppliers and buy the best possible ingredients, and we work closely with respected local suppliers, like Aubrey Allen, to make sure we receive unsurpassed produce. I don’t like to over manipulate food; some dishes need work, but if you have great ingredients they generally just require balancing and cooking correctly to end up as something fantastic. Then it’s just about using your knowledge and skills to take it that bit further and turn a dish into something really special.”

the dining room at mallory court

In his own cooking, he’s heavily inspired by what’s available on his Warwickshire doorstep at Mallory Court. He says:

“I keep my cooking natural, light and simple and we’re really lucky to have the kitchen gardens here, which help to keep things seasonal as we produce everything from figs and soft fruits to herbs, salads, root vegetables and more exotic and hard-to-grow offerings such as artichokes and asparagus. The food grown and produced in this area is what inspired me in my early years as a chef and now it is the key to keeping my menus fresh and inspired.”

“The food scene in our corner of the world is thriving at the moment, thanks to the diversity of our restaurant scene, the use of truly fantastic produce, and a passionate network of chefs and diners – it’s a great time to eat out and work in the industry in Warwickshire and Birmingham.”

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