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Michelin-starred chef Nathan Outlaw shares his passion for Cornish produce and why the Cornish dining scene is going from strength to strength.

Nathan Outlaw’s love of Cornwall began when he was only a child, on holiday with his family. Since then he’s come a long way, working under Rick Stein, opening his first restaurant aged 24 and is now the only two Michelin-starred fish-specialist chef in the country. He’s now sharing his expertise with London after the opening of Outlaw’s Restaurant in The Capital Hotel. We caught up with Nathan to find out why he loves Cornwall and its booming culinary culture.

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‘Although I come from Kent, Cornwall is my spiritual home. There’s something about the place that captures my imagination and gives me inspiration to create the dishes that I do.’ According to Nathan, it’s the beauty of the area that draws people in but the natural bounty that keeps chefs here. He says, ‘in my opinion, there’s nothing to rival the quality of the ingredients we have produced or grown on our doorstep and I delight in finding ways to showcase and incorporate these into my dishes.’
‘Of course, we couldn’t keep all this a secret and the word is spreading about this marvelous bounty, hence the increase in the number of visitors coming to Cornwall with the particular aim of experiencing the food and drink we have to offer.’ No longer the realm of the pasty-eating tourist, ‘although most’, Nathan states, ‘do indulge and I don’t blame them’, gastro-tours abound with foodies eager to sample some of the country’s finest fare.

He continues, ‘for many, the opportunity to taste all these wonderful things presents itself at the numerous food festivals held throughout Cornwall.’ ‘Probably the most prestigious is the Great Cornish Food Festival held in Truro in September. In the ten years since I’ve been involved it has grown massively, a mirror for the ever expanding food and drink scene in Cornwall, and is the prime showcase giving the public a chance to see what wonderful bounty is available here.’

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‘In all, the food and drink scene in Cornwall continues to flourish, a testament to the many fishermen, farmers, growers, producers, chefs, winemakers and brewers of Cornwall.’
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