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It’s time to dust off that lightsaber, dig out your R2-D2 costume (we know you have one) and embrace the day…

May – it’s the month of George Lucas’s birthday, the month in which six Star Wars movies have debuted since 1977 and, most importantly for us, the month when we are joined all over the world (and the galaxy) in celebration of the Star Wars saga, simply because the date sounds like that famous phrase!

What are you going to do on May the 4th? If you don’t already have plans then lucky for you, we’re here to help out with some of our favourite foodie ways to celebrate and some top tips and inspiration for your own May the 4th party.

The Fork Awakens Star Wars fans hold onto your lightsabers while we share with you the details of this inspiring event. It may have already sold this year, but we eagerly anticipate the social media frenzy as diners head down to Darth Vader’s lair this evening. The Fork Awakens is an interactive dining experience tempting guests to turn to the dark side and enter Darth Vader’s Kingdom – a deeply evil place that of course serves a four-course meal! In Mos Eisley cantina fashion, the pop-up restaurant promises, “strong drinks, hot tunes, and occasional outbreaks of shocking violence”. Of course fancy dress is highly recommended and at the rate at which the event has sold out, we’d be shocked to meet the one diner, if any, that does not entertain the idea of dressing up as Chewbacca or Queen Amidala for the night. During the course of the evening, “there will be the chance to meet galactic explorers and interact with the rebels” whilst “foodtroopers embark on an immersive journey through time and space”. Barrel and Forks are the masterminds behind this evening’s events and they have maintained an air of mystery. Few details have come to light and so we can only fantasise about the incredible set design and entertainment.

Host your own DIY Star Wars Day dinner party Unless you feel the food force is strong in you and use your Jedi mind tricks to find a Fork Awakens ticket, it’s time to host your own Star Wars themed night! You can take a few foodie ideas from The Fork Awakens such as making your own ‘Hutt dogs’, ‘special spacefood’ and ‘jedi lightsabre’ cocktails!

We found some inspiration from Instagram to help you on your way…


Bacon wrapped #lightsabers #starwars #starwarsfood #starwarsparty #macewindu #shaakti #luminaraunduli


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Bacon wrapped lightsabers. All you need are some breadsticks and bacon and these lightsabers are a good place to start your intergalactic feast.

#vaderburger #darthvader #starwars #food #starwarsfood

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Darth Vader Burger. If anything was to tempt you to ‘the dark side’ this burger is it.

All your favourites. With some character names thrown in, why not create a whole spread like Jenniferleigh1987 complete with Padawan Pasta and Yoda Soda.

Watermelon. This is one of the most impressive and decorative #StarWarsFood on Instagram – it also doubles as a delicious dessert once you’ve harnessed enough foodie force to destroy the Death Star.

Before you dash down to the shops to grab all the watermelons you can carry, take a look at the official Star Wars website. This is a go-to place for anyone throwing a May the 4th party.

Blue milk ice cream, battle droid balls and Vader cookies are the ideal dinner party ice breakers because after all, “ice cream binds the galaxy together,” so invite both Jedi and Sith friends when you make these tasty treats.

If you’re a fan of Japanese Jedi food this Yoda inari sushi will be perfect to get the party started and, as Master Yoda would say, “celebrate, we must!”

In our opinion Jabba the Hutt is the best character for foodie creations, especially when marshmallows are involved. This is a really simple recipe and the end result is a great tribute to the Star Wars saga… until you have to eat him.


Maybe you could try your hand at a few of your own; a quiche3P0, for example, or a Jedi Pie. On the other hand, you could always order from Pizza Hut(t) and swing down from your bedroom window using your bed linen to greet the delivery man… just another suggestion.

And after the parties have been thrown and all the Darth Maul-tinis have been drunk all we have to do now is wait for Rogue One to be released at the end of this year. Happy Star Wars Day!

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