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I’m late, I’m late for a very important date – Easter!

I don’t know about you, but Easter seems to have quite literally sprung itself upon us this year. It’s come from no-where, and everywhere I look I see panicked, frantic faces looking around with: “have I still got enough time to get this Easter stuff together?” written all over them. The answer is yes. We’re here to provide you with the ten best, the tastiest and the most eye-catching eggs you can find in the shops. So, after a few deep breaths, read on, and you’ll find that far from it being too late to scoop the best Easter eggs and plan your egg hunt, there’s plenty of time and choice left…

Full of hot air

Mx3-Artisan du Chocolat

What self-respecting adult doesn’t want an egg that looks like a balloon for Easter? Artisan du Chocolat has really pulled some strings this year, creating this egg-balloon. It would do Willy Wonka proud and you are guaranteed to go in someone’s good books should you present them with this beaut. The balloon itself is made from marbled passion fruit white chocolate and milk chocolate and its strings are edible laces no less. This is just the kind of Easter egg I always hope to find on Easter morning.

Artisan du Chocolat

The hen that laid the golden egg



It’s not a national holiday without a Heston. Easter’s offering is this gorgeously decadent golden egg. Don’t worry, you won’t have to climb a giant beanstalk or escape a deadly giant to get your mitts on this glimmering, gold-dusted dark chocolate egg, you can handily find it at Waitrose. Crack this open and inside you’ll find dainty mandarin ganache eggs ready for savouring. It’s no surprise that this egg won Good Housekeeping’s Best Easter Egg for Grown Ups.


Dainty little egg tree

Mx3-Not on the High Street


How civilised is this mini egg tree? No more rustling around in the bottom of the bag, scooping up handfuls of mini eggs to scoff with a cup of tea – much better to daintily pluck them from the branches of this personalized tree. Yep, that’s right, every tree is handmade; the chocolate is tempered by hand and after each tree has been carefully adorned with tiny eggs a little message is added to the base. These would look super cute at a wedding, not just for Easter.

Not on the High Street

Easter in Wonderland  


Kooky, original and totally tasty too, the Wonderland range created by Pierre Marcolini includes all your favourites from Wonderland from the Queen to the Rabbit. My favourite is the beaming Cheshire Cat – his grinning face is filled with six little eggs and I just can’t help but grin when I look at it! There’s pretty much something for everyone in the collection, at a range of prices, so you can grab a little token something or go all-out and take home the likes of the Mad Hatter.

£13.90 to £105

A nest of speckled praline eggs

Mx3-Zara’s Chocolates

The dainty praline egg box is new for Easter 2016 and looks almost too beautiful to eat. These pretty, shiny speckled Easter egg halves are filled with various soft praline flavours including milk sea-salted praline, dark hazelnut gianduja, dark peanut butter and a classic milk hazelnut praline. You won’t be disappointed with this little box of goodies – chocolate is smoother than silk and screams to be savoured. Zara hand-makes her sweet treats in Bristol using only the best quality chocolate, making them even more desirable.

Zara’s Chocolates

Intergalactic egg



Painstakingly hand-painted to amazing effect, this egg blows many out of the water. You can tell just from a glance that it’s high-end. Do you eat it or do you put it on display? With the promise of mouthfuls of gianduja chocolates lurking inside, it probably won’t be long before you pluck up the courage to crack the perfectly rendered exterior and tuck in.


Exclusive Art Deco



This is the egg to really wow this weekend. Inspired by the black and white marble lobby at Claridge’s, this Art Deco egg is a limited edition and a simply stunning addition to Easter this year. For fussy partners or those who love a bit of glamour, pick up one of only 100 made from Claridge’s sharpish. Inside this glamourously wrapped egg is a selection of decadent quail’s eggs.


Classic artisan egg

Mx3-Classic artisan egg - Zara’s Chocolates

The salted coffee crunch egg is bursting with deliciousness and sits pretty as a picture in its box. The handmade eggshell is created using 70% dark chocolate from Cuba and encases the dreamy mix of crunchy coffee, cocoa nibs, sea salt and brown sugar filling. It’s a heavenly egg well worth the wait – we promise. Pop into Zara’s Chocolates in Bristol and be transported to an Aladdin’s cave of insanely tasty chocolate treats – you won’t be able to resist coming away with this beautiful egg.

Zara’s Chocolates

Egg on your face

Mx3-Hotel Chocolat

This one just made us laugh. Imagine waking up to this cheeky chappy on Easter morning. You’d be in a good mood, right. It’s the best kind of chocolate as it’s from Hotel Chocolat but it’s only a mere £7.50. Adults and children would love this. I’m getting one!

Hotel Chocolat

Oh I do like to be beside the sea

asda Collage

What is missing from your usual chocolate Easter egg – sea salt, obviously. This Divine toffee and sea salt milk chocolate egg is actually divine. Break through the gold encasing and you’ll discover a dreamy milk chocolate egg, in which every mouthful contains scatterings of toffee contrasted with the tang of sea salt flakes. This is the egg for any lover of salted caramel. The chocolate is Fairtrade and this egg is only a fiver.


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