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For kitchen-novices around the world, Christmas is often the time of year when you might venture into unknown territory and take on a ‘project’, however big or small, to wow your family with on the big day. Pinterest is just the place for picking up ideas. After browsing through an abundance of perfectly piped biscuits, exquisitely shiny meringues, glistening roast turkeys and homemade chutneys, you’ll probably be filled with ideas.

Word of warning to you, reader: things are never as simple as they look…

1. Soggy santas

Mx3-soggy santas
Sometimes clever little nibbles look deceptively simple. These are not as easy as they look according one amateur-cook who decided to short-cut whipping the cream herself by using the canned stuff. Who knew the consequences would be so dire?

2. Rubbish reindeer

Mx3-Rubbish reindeer
You can see the effort that went into these. It’s almost painful that they didn’t work out. Never mind, how tasty can pretzel, biscuit and sweets be anyway?

3. Frosty the saddened snowman

Mx3-Frosty the saddened snowman
Clearly not as easy as it looks! Perhaps, this confirms that we should put Pinterest pretzel recipes in a no-go zone over Christmas. Poor Frosty the Snowman looks more mushy than frosty.

4. Utterly legless

Mx3-Utterly legless
This probably tasted just fine, that what we say. Unfortunate events occur when you try to get hot, chocolatey Rice Krispies to keep their shape. Again, the curse of the pretzels strikes.

5. All in a twist

Mx3-All in a twist
Just looking at this makes us want to cry. When it comes to choosing your Pinterest projects, the key is to analyse the possible problems you will encounter. Every element of these cookies – from keeping the blue and white separate to the ability to be able to roll it in millions of tiny bobbles – screams: “many problems”! Stay away from tricks like this.

6. Sinister sweets

Mx3-Sinister sweets
Why would peppermint sweets melt in a perfectly uniform way just because you want them to? Answer: they don’t.

7. Sorry-looking snowmen

Mx3-Sorry-looking snowmen
You can see the potential in this Pinterest-practitioner. I think it’s fair to say that this is a lesson in less-is-more.

8. Slip-sliding away

Mx3-Slip-sliding away
You’ve got to hand it to this festive host – they aimed high. Layers of gelatin, alcohol and patience is a recipe for disaster. Maybe crack this one out at Halloween instead.

9. Overbaked

If you’re unsure about your baking skills, try a no-bake cheesecake first; they are usually fool proof. There are lessons to be learned from this fail. Don’t overfill your cake tray (this cook had an oven full of cake mixture too, as it spilled out while cooking) and don’t over mix, as it will sink spectacularly as it comes out of the oven.

10. Crowning cookie tower

Mx3-Crowning cookie tower
This supposed Christmas tree cookie tower may look awful, but beauty is in the eye of the beholder – it actually won a prize for ‘most creative’ in a cookie competition.

11. A tower of terror

Mx3-A tower of terror
Yes, this can happen even when you follow the recipe to the tee. Sometimes you have to step back and ask yourself: “Is this worth my time?” and listen to your heart.

12. The cookie crumbles

Mx3-The cookie crumbles
When you’ve bought the biscuits ready-made, it’s easy to think you are a master sugar-crafter. Often this is not the case.

If all that has made you thirst for some Pinterest Christmas ideas, check out our Christmas Pinterest page. See if you can do better.

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