2015 has been a good year for gin. Which means it’s been a good year for everyone (well, gin lovers, at least). We’ve seen dozens of new gins come on the market, craft gin become as popular as craft beer and a gin advent calendar for the ultimate Christmas countdown. It’s become so popular that even teenagers have started making it.

If you’re looking for a perfect present for a gin lover, then look no further. We’ve scoured the world (wide web) and asked some of our favourite gin specialist to give their recommendations on the best bottles to buy.


Bath Gin

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The Hare and Hounds, Bath: we love Bath Gin with Fevertree tonic, which has fairly gentle botanicals and doesn’t kill the taste of the gin. Kaffir lime leaf is the perfect garnish, as it has a nice citrus perfume rather than being acidic, which really works well with what is essentially quite a delicate gin made to a classic recipe. You just have to love the label too!  You can buy it here.

Sibling Gin


The Pump House, Bristol: Sibling Gin is a favourite at The Pump House. This gin is inGINiously triple distilled in a custom designed Carter head still locally in Cheltenham by four young siblings. The result is an extra smooth dry gin with hints of sweet vanilla and blueberries set against a classic citrus & juniper back bone. We designed a cocktail to warm your cockles & make the most of all the botanicals – a twist on a hot toddy!


  • 5ml sibling
  • 5ml triple sec
  • 50ml orange juice
  • 50ml hot water
  • Teaspoon vanilla sugar
  • Star anise X 1
  • Cardamom pods X 4

Gently warm all the ingredients. Then double strain in a brandy glass to serve.



The White Horse, Westbury: we recommend local micro distillery Psychopomp. They actually create a gin especially for us, which is incredible. The botanicals are coriander, juniper, oak, angelica, cassia lemon zest, elderflower and we serve it with pomegranate seeds, slice of cucumber and watermelon tonic. You can buy Psychopomp from Weber & Trings.


Poetic License Old Tom


Poetic License is a bar and micro distillery in Tyne & Wear: we recommend one of our own blends, Poetic License Old Tom Gin. It’s an older-style gin that is sweeter than a London dry style and is gaining favour once again.

Our suggested serve is just as easy as a G&T and has been known to convert those that ‘do not like gin’. The garnishes really make it and the flavours marry perfectly with winter evenings.

Pour two 25ml measures of Old Tom Gin over large chunks of ice and serve with premium Ginger Ale, a slice of red apple and a snap of cinnamon. You can buy it here.






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