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For many of us, even the idea of entertaining and taking charge of the kitchen is a recipe for disaster. Even with the table set and a minute-by-minute cooking schedule pre-planned, it remains hard to avoid burnt bakes, alcohol drought or fussy eaters – not to mention the chaotic mountain of washing up to deal with at 2am.

My own attempts at throwing dinner parties have generally resulted in nervous conversation, followed by too much wine and last minute bulk-buying of crisps and frozen garlic bread. This is where La Belle Assiette could come in very handy. With a concept as fresh as the food it serves, the home-cooking service is pioneering a fast-rising foodie trend. French-born and bang on-trend, the concept brings professional chefs to your own home.

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Users are invited to choose from a wealth of menus of various cuisines and themes, to be made in the comfort of their own kitchen, and the gorgeous and creative dishes served up promise to impress even the snobbiest of restaurant-goers. La Belle Assiette oversees the entire dinner-party process, sourcing the perfect culinary professional and uniting them with the client’s kitchen, before leaving the place sparkling clean.

The result is a private dinner party full of quality food made from the freshest ingredients, all enjoyed without ever leaving your front door. Moreover, the host can remain calm and collected, able to concentrate on socialising with friends and family rather than spending the evening in the kitchen poring over a complex recipe.

Take a peek at the inventive and appealing plates from previous events over at La Belle Assiette’s Instagram profile.

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