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Coffee and alcohol: two of our nations most important vices, which rarely cross paths. Coffee we associate with fuelling our busy days, while alcohol is the tipple of nights out and social events. Not to mention the fact caffeine is bad news for bedtime or that drinking during the day is, well, not always appropriate.

So coffee and booze spend most of their time on opposite sides of the same coin, as distant from each other as the moon and sun. But, when the pair do stumble across each other (think the frothy equivalent of a solar eclipse) wonderful things happen. And you can make them happen in your own home, too, with these five amazing coffee cocktails.


#1: Espresso Martini

2 Espresso Martini

Naturally, we can’t run a list of coffee cocktails without mentioning the classy and classic espresso martini. This eternally sophisticated little number wouldn’t look out of place at even the swankiest of parties. But the real magic with espresso martinis is how simple they are to make.

Slip an espresso shot from your trusty coffee machine (use the pod variety for mixology without the mess) into a shaker and mix with 2 shots of vodka, 1 shot of coffee liqueur, and ice. Have a sweet tooth? Add a splash of vanilla liqueur or simple syrup. Shake to your heart’s content and pour into a chilled martini glass – done!


#2: Alive and Kicking

3 Alive and Kicking

One for the whisky lovers here with Orangerie – a fine Scotch infused with orange peel – blended with cold-brew coffee and amaro liqueurs. Your biggest challenge will be getting your hands the ingredients to make this wonderful drink, but you’ll find everything online without too much fuss (follow the link above if you get stuck). It’s seriously worth it too — an absolute must-try.


#3: Anthora Pilsner

4 Anthora Pilsner

Another member of the espresso cocktail family, the Anthora Pilsner can be knocked up in a matter of minutes. At a quick glance it looks no different to a lemon ice tea, but there’s a heavy kick hiding beneath the surface, courtesy of some Scandinavian Aquavit liaising with Italian coffee shots.


#4: Boozy Biscotti Iced Coffee

5 Boozy Biscotti

This European chiller involves a little more work than the others on this list, but the extra effort certainly pays off. Actually, effort isn’t really the right word – you simply have to let the coffee “sleep” for 12 hours, which calls for a touch of planning ahead.

The climax comes when you mix your freshly woken coffee with chilled Amaretto and Pernod for a sweet, yet subtly nutty and spicy twist – perfect for long summer evenings and stints in front of the fireplace.


#5: Baileys Irish Cream and Coffee

6 Baileys

Another one that nominates itself for the list of coffee cocktails you can make at home is the classic Baileys Irish cream and coffee. A grand total of four ingredients and almost no preparation at all make this the go-to option for a quick fix of caffeine and alcohol in a single hit.

So there you have it — five simple coffee cocktails you can knock up at home with little more than a trip to the supermarket. From the classic favourites to some more exotic options, even the most adventurous recipes in this list are deceptively easy — but they all know how to please a crowd.

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