Some of the best, weirdest and wildest food festivals from around the world. 

‘Fancy going to a food festival at the weekend, honey?’ ‘Sure, sounds great. What’s it called?’ ‘Testicle Festival!’

Sound familiar? Probably (hopefully) not!

We’re a cultural bunch here at Fed Up & Drunk HQ, but after researching the best and weirdest food festivals for this post, even we were a bit wide-eyed at times. That said, there are some seriously awesome festivals that we’d love to go to, and a few of these have been added to the bucket list.

1. Chinchilla Melon Festival

Mx3-melon fest

Claiming to be ‘the world’s biggest melon festival’ – there are more?! – Chinchilla is a four day festival in Austria celebrating all things melon. With melon slip-and-slides, melon fancy dress and melon fights, it looks like a lot of fun.

2. La Tomatina

Mx3-la tomatina

One of the most famous on the list and one that’s on a lot of bucket lists at Fed Up & Drunk, La Tomatina is a tomato-throwing festival in Valencia, Spain. If you’ve not heard of it before, check out this Youtube video.

3. Battle of the Oranges

Mx3-battle of oranges

The same concept as La Tomatina, Battle of the Oranges swaps tomatoes for oranges. Based in Northern Italy, locals celebrate their independence by throwing 500,000 kilograms of oranges at each other. As you do!

4. Cheese Rolling

Mx3-cheese rolling

One of the UK’s most famous food events, Cheese Rolling in Gloucester has ‘officially’ been banned – but nonetheless it’s still going strong. Participants run after a wheel of cheese that has been thrown down a ridiculously steep hill. It was banned because so many people got injured and someone even died.

5. Olney Pancake Race

Mx3-pancake race

On Shrove Tuesday every year, the ladies of Olney, Buckinghamshire compete in the world famous Pancake Race, a tradition which dates back to 1445.

6. Waikiki SPAM JAM

Mx3-spam jam

The Waikiki SPAM JAM is a street festival that celebrates the people of Hawaii’s love for SPAM, which is a canned meat available around the world.

7. Galway Oyster Festival

Mx3-oyster galway

Galway Oyster Festival is the oldest oyster festival in the world and the most internationally recognised Irish festival after St Patrick’s Day. It has been crowned one of Europe’s longest-running food extravaganzas, having launched in 1954.

8. Humongous Fungus Fest

Mx3-humongus fungus- crystal falls

In Michigan, USA, people are proud to celebrate another odd festival dedicated to large fungus. But this isn’t just large fungus, it’s humongous fungus. How big? Try 37 acres and weighing almost 10,000 kg. Yep, that’s pretty humongous!

9. Menton Lemon Festival

Mx3-lemon fest

As we’ve seen, Spain throw tomatoes and Italy throw oranges, but it’s no surprise that things are a little more civilized when we get to the French Riviera. Rather than throwing lemons, the Menton Lemon Festival sees artists create incredible sculptures, pictures and art forms with the bright yellow fruit.

10. Maine Lobster Fest

Mx3-maine lobster fest

Love lobster? Then this is the festival for you. The Maine Lobster Festival is five days of fun and feasting on delicious seafood from the fabulous coast of Maine, New England, USA.

11. Monkey Buffet

Mx3-monkey buffet

The Monkey Buffet Festival is a unique Festival in Thailand and shows just how much respect they gives these animals. These monkeys can be real pests on a normal day, but each year 4,000 kilograms of fruits, vegetables, cakes and sweets are set down in front of temples for over 3,000 monkeys to enjoy.

12. Potato Wrestling

Mx3-potato wrestling

Not quite WWE, potato wrestling involves 2 people in a paddling pool filled with mashed potato, throwing each other around until one is crowned the winner. It’s hosted in several cities across America.

13. Testicle Festival

Mx3-testicle fest-fried testy

A festival that pays homage to the eating of testicles. Guests can eat many different types of animal testicle cooked in many different ways. Delicious.

14. Turnip Festival

Mx3-turnip fest switzerland

We salute the guys in Räbechilbi, Switzerland for giving the humble turnip some well deserved praise and putting it in the spotlight. The Turnip Festival includes a parade and 26 tonnes of impressively carved turnips.

15. Fellsmere Frog Leg Festival


For almost 25 years, The Fellsmere Frog Leg Festival has been a firm favourite with locals in Florida, USA. Serving up 400 lbs of frog legs and alligator tails, they have thousands of people attend every year.



With the main event being the ‘Tuna Toss Challenge’, Tunarama is one of the quirkier on the list. What started simply as a festival for tuna lovers now has a beauty contest, street procession and even a fireworks display. The people of Queensland, Australia sure know how to party.

Thom Whitchurch

Thom Whitchurch

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