Though a rather strange thought to have, there’s no denying that fruit and veggies make a pretty picture. In addition to being beautiful, vegan food involves zero animal cruelty, and is also much more sustainable. If you’re looking to test the waters of the vegan lifestyle, or have already taken the plunge and need some foodspiration, one of the following Instagram accounts may be just the thing to spur you on.

Keen-eyed readers will recognise Sharlene from the desserts edition of the Instagram round-up. She’s just so ruddy good, she deserves another mention.


Mastering his diabetes was a contributing factor towards Robby committing to a healthier lifestyle. He accompanies each shot with a wonderfully inspiring message, too.


Shots of bowls jam-packed with colourful cuisine make up the majority of Kai’s posts, interspersed with impressive yoga poses she’s performed.


Maya’s instagram proves that vegan food doesn’t mean missing out on comfort food.  


Dietary requirements are Yvonne’s speciality; from gluten free, to sugar free to raw, her vegan food can be enjoyed by all. She also has her own recipe app.

Simplicity is a key feature in Lauren’s images. In addition to the health benefits of switching to a plant-based diet; Lauren learned of the environmental impact of the meat industry and knew she needed to make a change. 


Combine an experimental approach to cooking with a love of taking colourful and vibrant snaps and you’ll arrive at Lena’s account.


Marlies may be a nutritionist, but that doesn’t means he doesn’t indulge every now and again in a decadent dessert. Cheesecakes and ice lollies crop up often in her pics, alongside scrumptious-looking savoury snacks.

Jessica Roberts

Jessica Roberts

Jess is a self-confessed Buzzfeed quiz addict and avid dog petter. When not writing about food, she's eating food – most often cooked by someone else. She once tried to replicate a bicycle trick she'd seen performed by circus acrobats. It did not go well.

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