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Last week I got wind of two very odd, yet equally interesting foodie creations: watermelon toast and the Dausage. I know, right!

On Tuesday I heard that the Taiwanese have gone totally nuts for Watermelon toast, which is a really clever creation by a small, local baker, Lee Wen-fa. She created it to encourage children to eat during the hot summer months, when many of them lose their appetites as the temperature rises. But it seems that the toast has a much wider appeal, with people travelling for hours to get their hands on it.

Then, on Thursday I heard about an even stranger dish: the Dausage. Unlike watermelon toast, I couldn’t figure out what it was from the name. After a quick scan through the article I realised that it was a doughnut/sausage hybrid – a jam-filled sausage! “That sounds hideous” was my initial reaction. But actually, the more I think about it, the more intrigued I am, and the more appealing it becomes – it’s a jam-filled sausage, for god’s sake. You could even put it in a sliced chocolate brioche! Too far?

After emailing the article around the office, it got us thinking; what other strange and awesome foodie creations and hybrids are there? The answer: lots! And some are amazing!

Check out this lot…


Watermelon Toast 

M-watermelon bread

The dish that the Taiwanese are going crazy for. It all started a few weeks ago, and since then the creator has had hour-long queues from her bakery and people traveling for miles to buy a loaf or a slice. We have to admit, it does look really cool.


The Dausage


Another recent creation, the dausage combines the meatiness and shape of a sausage with the jam-filled centre of a doughnut. Rumour has it that it’ll be on shop shelves soon. We sure hope so!


Pizza cone

M-pizza cone2

A Cornetto-shaped pizza is possibly our favourite creation of them all. How good do they look? There aren’t many places in the UK that do them – so if you find one you must let us know how good it is.

Bacon breakfast cups

M-Bacon breakfast cups

Surprisingly easy to make, these bacon breakfast cups are one of the best breakfasts ever created. Simply spread some bacon around a cupcake tin,  drop in an egg and bake. Alternatively you can cover a piece of bread in golden syrup or honey first, then bacon and egg for a slightly sweeter and more filling version.


M-cake sicle

Cookie lollipops, what’s not to love!

Chopstick ramen straws

M-chop stick straw

Epic is a word that is used quite flippantly nowadays, but we don’t use it lightly – the chopstick ramen straws, however, are more than worthy of their epic status.


Square Watermelon

M-square water melon

Another watermelon creation, square watermelons are grown in boxes so that they grow into squares. They don’t taste any different, but they are so popular in Japan and Taiwan that they are given as presents and offerings.

Beer can chicken

M-chicken beer can

Another simple yet amazing combo, simply shove a half full beer can up a chicken’s, um, behind, and cook. You can experiment with different beers and rubs. The possibilities are endless!



The cronut is a croissant and doughnut hybrid. The UK went nuts for them last year and it’s not difficult to see why. Like a lot of crazes, the cronut was short lived, but you can still find them in some places.

Scotch egg

M-scotch egg

You might be surprised to see the Scotch egg feature, but it is one of the best foodie creations ever – it may not seem groundbreaking now, but it really is! An egg wrapped in meat and breadcrumbs and deep fried or baked. Amazing!

Thom Whitchurch

Thom Whitchurch

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