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I think it’s safe to say that over the last 12-24 months; burgers, cauliflower, quinoa and pulled pork (I know, I can’t believe pulled pork is still a thing, either!) have dominated menus across the UK. Every year has its crazes and ever season they change slightly, so we thought we’d take a look at what’s hot right now and what we think will continue to trend for the rest of the year.


M-x2hot dogs

The humble hot-dog may not be anything new, but some some of the amazing – and crazy – creations that have been donning menus over the last few months are putting this fast food favourite firmly on the foodie map. From Kimchi hot dogs at Top-Dog in London to Jack Daniel’s honey covered hot-dogs at Primo’s in Leeds – these are dogs you need in your life!

Where to go:
London: Top-Dog
Manchester: Dogs & Dough
Leeds: Primo’s Hot-Dogs
Bristol: Under Dogs



Mexican is another cuisine that we’re pretty used to here in the UK, but its not something we’ve done particularly well. That is, however, not quite the case anymore. Over the last 12 months or so Mexican food, particularly Mexican street food, has had a huge serge in popularity. Because of this we have seen new restaurants and street food vendors popping up all over the place – which we can partly thank Wahaca and their ever increasing portfolio of restaurants for.

Where to go:

Various Locations: Wahaca
Brighton – La Choza
Birmingham – Bodega Cantina
London – Daddy Donkey
Bristol – Plumed Serpent




I’m surprised that we don’t have more of a waffle culture in the UK. They’re a a big deal in America and and I’m surprised its taken this long for them to become really popular here. They’re still not an every day staple, and I doubt they will be, but they have certainly become a lot more popular over recent months. So much so that waffle bars and restaurants are opening all over and we think they’ll be a lot more cafes and restaurants adopting them to their menus.

Where to go:
Liverpool: Maddies Waffle Bar
Bristol: Waffle On
London: London Waffle House
Brighton: Cloud9




These glorious Taiwanese white steamed buns are one of the best food creations ever. While Korean food was big last year and remains on the hot list, these funny little buns have got the nation talking. They are small, roughly about the size of the palm of your hand and can be filled many types of Asian delights. If you’ve not had a Bao yet and love Asian food, I strongly suggest you check out one of the below.

Were to go:
London: Bao
Bristol: Bao Wow
Edinburgh: Ninja Buns




A bit of a slow burner, this one. Ask many chef’s and they’ll say that Scandinavian food is on the rise and one to watch, but there still isn’t the range of restaurants offering it to call it a trend just yet. It is, however, definitely a firm favourite amongst foodies and we even had a Scandinavian food festival a few weeks ago.  Get ready, its coming!

Where to go:

London: Fika
Manchester: Sal Bar
Cheltenham – Svea


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