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You’ve seen the cat café, the nana café, dog cafés – even an owl café! But it seems that London’s ‘creature café’ craze has no limits, because a Blobfish Café will be setting up shop in an as yet unconfirmed location in early 2016.

Unfamiliar with the Blobfish? Well, these odd looking fellas shot to fame back in 2013 when they were cruelly (but rightly) voted the World’s Ugliest Animal. And you have to admit, they are pretty funny looking!

Blobfish Café will house three blobfish; Barry, Lorcan and Lady Swift, and will become the world’s first face-to-face blobfish experience.

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Food-wise, we don’t know much yet. However, Blobfish Café have hinted that they will be working with some of London’s most talented up-and-coming chefs to put on a range of light lunches and more substantial evening meals. They will also be holding weekly gourmet nights, during which they will serve a full eight-course deep-sea-themed tasting menu.

We love anything a bit quirky and this is right up our street. We’ll be keeping our eye out for updates and will post more info when we have it.

Thom Whitchurch

Thom Whitchurch

Thom is an ex-Fed Up & Drunker who has now been released into the wild.

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  1. This must be the fish that humans evolved from – the likeness is uncanny, and slightly disturbing!

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