Some dishes are created within seconds of the ingredients being picked…

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We all love a bit of the Cotswolds, with its warm and welcoming country pubs in the winter, and the large, gorgeously maintained beer and restaurants gardens to enjoy in the summer – it’s a foodie paradise all year round! What’s more, there is a growing number of restaurants and farms who are providing some of the freshest dishes imaginable – some dishes are prepared with seconds of the ingredients being dug up or picked!

Here’s our run-down of some of the best field-to-table, kitchen garden or allotments restaurants and cafes in the Cotswolds…


Potting Shed, Malmesbury

The Potting Shed has two acres of gardens that provide a home to different types of apple trees and an extensive vegetable patch. The herbs and vegetables are used in the pub’s menu as well as at the Rectory Hotel across the road. The menus these guys create are as anticipated as they are inventive.

       M-x2potting shed


Lucknam Park, Colerne

Tucked away in a far corner of a Colerne estate, the Lucknam Park Kitchen Garden provides seasonal produce that is used almost all year round; from nasturtiums and salad leaves to baby vegetables, micro herbs and white raspberries. This enables the Kitchen to serve produce at its optimum size and freshness, and means it can be served within minutes of being picked.

M-x2lucknam park


Mark @ StreetBell Inn at Selsley, Stroud 

To say that Mark @ Street has had a big impact on the small town of Nailsworth would be an understatement. Their seasonal menus and the use of their home grown ingredients have been a talking point for foodies in the area and beyond. Owners Mark and Mrs Chef have now taken over the Bell Inn at Selsley and anticipation is running high. The Bell Inn provides the pair with a bigger allotment to grow their own seasonal ingredients, and we can’t wait to see what the future holds for these guys. One to watch? Definitely!


Buckland Manor, Broadway

Having won many accolades over the years, the restaurant at Buckland Manor attracts connoisseurs of fine food and wine from around the world. The regularly changing menus feature fresh, local produce, with fresh herbs grown in the Manor’s own grounds.



Wharf House, Over

Situated on the banks of the River Severn and overlooking Over Canal Basin, The Wharf House kitchen garden boasts beautiful fresh cherries, blackberries and redcurrants. These guys are all about farm-to-fork dining and have cut down the time between food being picked and served down to mere minutes. They even have their own beehives on-site, which is served in a number of dishes and desserts.

M-x2wharf house


Wild Rabbit, Kingham

With its stunning landscape views, The Wild Rabbit is a “re-invention of the traditional English Inn.”

Ingredients come from their own organic garden and are freshly picked each morning and delivered straight to the kitchen. The menu is constantly changing with the seasons, and game is a key autumnal feature.

M-x2wild rabbit


Daylesford Farmshop and Café, Kingham

‘Farm to fork’ is the ethos at Daylesford Farmshop and Café, and they don’t disappoint. Their meat and poultry, and fruit and vegetables all come from their market garden. Want bread with that? Well, that’ll come from their bakery, and the cheese, milk and yogurt all come from the on-site creamery.

To make our soups and meals, our chefs use only the freshest ingredients, combined with simple techniques to bring out the natural flavours of our seasonal, organic produce.

With 60 national and international awards for food, sustainability and their farmshop café – whatever you do, don’t drive past this one!



Harriet’s Jolly Nice Farm Shop, Stroud

A family farm with a café, Harriet’s Jolly Nice Farm Shop serves up some of the best local burgers, bacon rolls, sourdough toasties and homemade soups in the area.

All the meat comes straight from their farm, and any other ingredients are sourced from local suppliers. The Jolly Nice burger has become legendary in Stroud and beyond.

M-x2jolly farm

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    Love that Daylesford farm shop and kitchen, such a lovely place to stop off, shop and dine. Great list!

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