Our rundown of the best parks to celebrate national picnic week in Bristol.

Perfect picnic parks in Bristol
It’s national picnic week and we at Fed Up & Drunk love nothing more than getting the blankets out, heading to the park and tucking into some sandwiches and sausage rolls ‘alfresco style’.

Last year we celebrated with a picnic of our own, but this year we want to help our fellow Bristolians find the best parks and green spaces to have your own picnics. We’re good like that!

Here’s our rundown of the perfect places to picnic in Bristol…

Avon Valley Country Park

M-x2avon valley

Technically just outside of Bristol, Avon Valley Country Park will appeal to the picnicking family with young children. They have a brilliant wildlife and adventure park that will keep you busy between sandwiches.

Snuff Mills

M-x2snuff mills

Snuff Mills has a beautiful nature walk along the river Frome with lots of places to sit and enjoy a picnic.

St Andrews park

M-x2st andrews park

Now a trendy park near central Bristol, St Andrews Park has two sides: the family area at the top of the park and the bottom area where you’ll find twenty somethings have a few drinks and playing music. On the right day it has a festival atmosphere and the two sides enjoy the park harmoniously.

Victoria Park

M-x2victoria park

One of the biggest green spaces in Bristol; Victoria Park has beautiful rolling hills with equally beautiful views.

Ashton Court

M-x2ashton court

Famous for its mansion house, festivals and balloons, Ashton Court is also a fantastic place for a day out. And with 860 acres of green, you should find a picnic space on even the business of days.

Brandon Hill

M-x2brandon hill

Brandon Hill is my favourite on the list. Set in between Clifton and Hotwells, the views of the city are stunning and it’s one of the best places to enjoy the long summer days in Bristol.

Bristol Zoo

M-x2bristol zoo

It’ll cost you to get in, but the gardens at Bristol Zoo are worth every penny.

Castle Park

M-x2castle park

The most central of them all, Castle Park is a popular eating spot for a lots of Bristolians on their lunch breaks. We’re lucky to have our office 2 a minute walk away, so we come here a lot.

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