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Were you one of the millions who were hooked on listening to Sarah Koenig’s Serial last year? For something completely different to fill the gap it has left in your life, treat your ears to one of these foodie podcasts…

The unprecedentedly popular, Serial, last year introduced millions – including myself – to the joys of podcasts, which cover crime, politics, science, history, comedy and everything in between. The fact it’s taken this long for so many of us to catch on is surprising, as podcasts are so easy to fit into a busy lifestyle – they can provide a more educational alternative to listening to Taylor Swift on the daily commute and are a great way to make the time go by a little quicker when undertaking boring household tasks. And, best of all, they’re free.

Although cooking is obviously one of the more fun aforementioned household tasks, there’s no harm in enjoying a bit of entertainment while you whip up a storm in the kitchen. Luckily, the podcast world has willingly obliged with a massive catalogue of food-related podcasts to chew over. Start your foodie podcast education by listening to these next time you’re in the kitchen (or sat on the bus home trying to decide what to have for dinner).



If you’re a bit of a science and history geek as well as a food fan, this podcast is a must-listen. Co-hosts Cynthia Graber and Nicola Twilley serve up a piping-hot new discussion topic every month, covering the little-known history and fascinating science behind familiar, every-day food and drink. Have you ever wondered about the science behind creating the perfect cocktail (including whether you should shake or stir); pondered how artificial flavours are created and why they taste so, well, artificial; or wanted an answer to the (surprisingly complex) question, what is cheese? Well, tune in, pop on your headphones and Cynthia and Nicola will let you in on all manner of weird and wonderful foodie secrets.



BBC Radio 4 Food Programme
Food journalist Sheila Dillon heads up this popular weekly instalment of food news and musings. Sheila and guests’ half-hour talks about all things food cover topics as wide-ranging as farming, health, spices, school dinners, seaweed and even food in opera. You’ll definitely learn something new every week.

Mx3-monocle-jeremy wang


Monocle: The Menu
You’ve probably seen the rather highbrow-looking lifestyle and current affairs magazine Monocle on the newsstands, but you may not know that the publication also has a vast selection of equally intellectual radio shows on its website too, with topics including everything from culture to business. Of course, I skipped straight to its gastronomic offering, The Menu, Monocle’s guide to the world of food, drink and entertaining. Stand-out shows include an interview with a water sommelier (who knew that job title existed?), a look at how the design of a restaurant can lead to its success or downfall, and an insight into the secrets of Chinese cooking from author and cookery school founder Jeremy Pang.

Mx3-startcooking-American cook Kathy Maister


Start Cooking
American cook Kathy Maister is determined to get even complete beginners into the joys of cooking through her easy-to-follow video tutorials and recipes. From roasting a chicken to preparing scallops, and making a beef stew to whipping up a lasagne – and even juicing a lemon and slicing an avocado – all the basics are well and truly covered.

Mx3-dinnerpaty-marion cotillard-Alison-bechdel


The Dinner Party Download
This one isn’t technically food-related, but instead aims to fuel your weekend dinner party chitchat with an hour of fast, funny, unconventional discussion about cuisine and culture, served up with a side order of celebrity guests, which have previously included Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Daniel Radcliffe, Scarlett Johansson and author Margaret Atwood. If you want to say goodbye to dinner party small talk and hello to fun, silliness and celeb gossip, then subscribe to this pronto.

Michelle Grady

Michelle Grady

Michelle is an ex-Fed Up & Drunker who has now been released into the wild.

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  • Jess Siegel

    Ooh, you must check out the Street Market Podcast, where we interview traders from street markets in London and around the world.

    Brunch markets, fish markets, food truck markets…

    Recently, we did an episode featuring a trader who makes some of the best deep fried chicken & waffles I’ve ever tasted, and he also gave us a secret tip on how to make the perfect fried egg. Hope you enjoy!

    And we’d love your tips on your favourite markets, so let us know!


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