Unique to Bristol, the Historical Dining Rooms is inspired by the past with a modern passion for fine dining.

An original, unrivalled dining experience has come to Bristol. The Historical Dining Rooms is a new-fashioned revelation in British dining, showcasing a range of seasonal tasting menus, serving fine dining dishes from as far back as the 12th century in a grand Regency-styled dining hall.

Local chefs Leigh Pascoe, Tim Denny and Matt Duggan, the chef team behind the Star and Dove, renowned for its historically-influenced public house and tavern style of dining, are bringing food inspired by history with a modern and technical approach to this new dining destination for Bristol.

Leigh Pascoe said of the new restaurant: “The Historical Dining Rooms is about historical British inspiration, not replication. We have been working with experts such as Bristol-based forager Andy Hamilton, Organic Herb Farmer Jekka McVicar, and food and dining historians Ivan Day and Dr. Annie Gray who have been massively influential and supportive in fuelling our obsession with constantly seeking out great forgotten dishes of times past. All this to produce what we believe to be a menu which adapts some of the finest moments in our culinary history, aiming to recreate them in a balance of all the senses. In fact, we hope the whole service, from locating The Black Door, ringing the Butler’s bell on entering the dining room, perhaps choosing a pre-dinner drink with wild ingredients, tasting new flavours and texture combinations, to having a specially selected tea or coffee blend to round off your dinner will create an extraordinary dining experience.”

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He continues: “Dishes such as Leg of Lamb with Curried Crab with a White Wine Cream Sauce from c.1811 and Punch A La Romaine, a dish served on the Titanic as an after-dance drink, are not styled and served exactly how they would have been, but the idea and flavours are the same. Using popular and even forgotten or little known botanicals and herbs from our roof top historical garden, taking wax and honey from our own bee hives, using our own in-house smokers, and working closely with local producers and suppliers, our passion for period cooking and its well documented processes will be played out as exactly as possible in our modern kitchen. But of course we now have the ability to texturise and better the original in a contemporary way. That approach we think, makes this a very exciting venture indeed.”

Dr Annie Gray adds: “Looking back into the past of British cuisine, we have much to be proud of. It’s time we rediscovered our culinary past, not just because it was brilliant then, but because the flavours and texture of history are just as delicious now as they were 300 years ago.”

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The 7-course Bill of Fare (vegetarian Bill of Fare available upon request), and the choice menu are being served from Friday 29th May onwards. The restaurant will be open for service between 6pm – 9.30pm, Wednesday – Saturday.
The Historical Dining Rooms is styled with period-influences to add to the experience. The main dining hall features Regency-styled decor for 22 covers,  and a separate Library is also available for private hire.

We can’t wait to check this place out!

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