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Menu Gordon Jones

The beautiful city of Bath is famous for many things; from rejuvenating Roman baths to Mary Berry and Sally Lunn’s buns. It is a dining destination for many a foodie and certainly Menu Gordon Jones is a stand-out establishment in the eclectic mix of cosmopolitan and classical restaurants to choose from. Raking in awards for its innovative dining experience, the restaurant’s head chef and founder Gordon Jones has been hailed as the next Gordon Ramsay and Menu Gordon Jones is now so popular, even Jones’ own mother struggles to book a space.

Inside Menu Gordon Jones

Bath is a great place to live, work and dine. We opened Menu Gordon Jones just over three years ago and the support from Bathonians and people from further afield has been fantastic – so good, in fact, that my mum can’t even get a table as we’re usually booked up. Our concept of offering a surprise tasting menu has, thankfully, been met with open arms, proving that the great people of Somerset share an open-minded approach to food and an eagerness to escape the mundane.

Being a world-famous heritage site, Bath attracts visitors from around the globe who, in turn, add to the city’s cosmopolitan feel. As a region we have embraced food from the far reaches of the world, and we have a whole host of excellent international dining options.

My favourite eatery in the area is a wonderful Nepalese restaurant called Yak Yeti Yak. My own menus reflect this passion for international cooking, with dishes from Britain, Scandinavia and India – chopsticks might even feature in our future repertoire.

Yak Yeti Yak

In order to produce the freshest and most exciting menus, chefs in the area rely heavily on their suppliers for top-notch produce – and what a wealth of excellent suppliers we have. To name just a few, I couldn’t do without Walter Rose, Eades and the Everleigh Farm Shop. I bake my own bread daily, ranging from beetroot and fennel to chocolate bread, but I’m also aware that Somerset has a wealth of great bakeries.

Bread and coffee

Another thing the region does well is the hipster coffee shop, where quality coffee and lovely baked goods are a must – make sure that you try Colonna & Small’s in Bath for one of the best coffee experiences in Britain. Bath is only a small city but it has its fair share of independent businesses. I encourage the competition, whether from small or large organisations, as it means that the customers are in charge. Innovation and new ideas flourish as diners expect to see well crafted plates.

well crafted plates

The Great Bath Feast, held in October, is an excellent way to experience the very best of Bath’s foodie scene. Cookery demonstrations and presentations spring up all over the city and Menu Gordon Jones always does something a bit special – just make sure you book early.”

Read the latest review of Menu Gordon Jones or discover brand new Bath & Somerset Food & Drink Guide online below, before it has even hit the shelves. Although if you want something tangible to hold – to put in your handbag or on the coffee table – you’ll see this free-to-pick-up guide around Bath and Somerset in the next few weeks.


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