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When the weather’s miserable and you can’t bring yourself to head out for dinner, never fear, we have a bevy of foodie films to feast your hungry eyes on. Whether you want to relax into an easy going storyline or be inspired by a powerful message, we’ve got a film to suit (and everything in between).

The one thing all these films have in common is gorgeous cinematography of mouth watering food and thirst-quenching drinks. Each film will get your tummy rumbling, so make sure you have snacks to hand. Sit back, snuggle down (grab the cat if you will) and prepare to indulge.

1. Julie & Julia

Have you ever picked up a cookery book and read it from start to finish? Or attempted to cook every recipe from cover to cover? Well, one American did just that. Based on two real life stories, Julie & Julia follows one woman’s goal to cook every dish in the Julia Child’s cook book and write an award-winning blog, alongside Julia’s own story of making it as an American with a passion for food in France. With a stunning performance from Meryl Streep as quirky American chef Julia Child, and a lot of eating and cooking going on this is a charming and inspiring film, if it doesn’t unleash the inner cook in you, it will definitely have your tummy rumbling.

2. Chef

Fresh out of the cinema, we suggest you load up on snacks and enjoy a full helping of fun, food and an all-star cast including Scarlett Johansson, Dustin Hoffman, Jon Favreau and Robert Downey Jnr. A struggling chef takes his talent out of the kitchen and onto the road. It’s a foodie film with heart and a bit of attitude. Watch out if you’re one for rash decisions, this might just inspire you to pack up your day job and hit the road with a food wagon. Expect sizzling shots and food-on-the-go.

3. Forks over Knives

Staying close to the words of Hippocrates: “Let food be thy medicine” this world renowned documentary reports on the impact of a plant based diet. Quite literally one to give you food for thought; if you are at all interested in nutrition and the science behind what we eat, Forks over Knives is excellent viewing. Although it looks primarily at the American diet, there are a lot of interesting thoughts and discussions surrounding the Western diet and how we can all lead healthier lives.

4. Big Night

Back when you could light up a cigarette at a restaurant table, Primo and Secondo decide to open an authentic Italian restaurant in America. What they don’t bank on are customers looking for meatballs in the spaghetti and asking for pasta on the side of risotto – these guys clearly have a lot to learn about their American diners. In desperation they turn to their rivals, Pascal’s, to create a meal to make-or-break their restaurant. Gently hilarious and absolutely perfect for a rainy Saturday evening, Big Night just asks to accompanied by a large bowl of pasta and plenty of good wine.

5. Chocolat

If you love chocolate and you haven’t watched Chocolat, well, you really need to watch this film. With shots of flowing, liquid chocolate to rival the likes of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and a fairy tale romance featuring Johnny Depp, it is one of the most popular chick-flicks of all times. Juliette Binoche plays a sassy French chocolatier, blown by the wind to a small rural town where she stirs up the residents as she introduces them to the flavours and nuances of decadent chocolate. There are some echoes of Babette’s Feast in this adaptation of Joanne Harris’ story.

6. Babette’s Feast

This elegant ‘80s French film scooped an Oscar and a BAFTA and is among the elite of food films. Based on the short story by Danish author Karen Blixen (author of Out of Africa), Babette’s Feast tells the story of a Parisian chef who finds work and safety in the home of two elderly sisters in a stern Christian community. The chef, Babette, adheres to their frugal ways until she comes into a lot of money and decides to throw the sisters and the community a feast to remember. Babette’s Feast is one of the most famous foodie cinematic explorations and still leaves viewers’ mouths watering today.

7. Black Gold

If you’re after a film-documentary that’s as powerful and intense as your morning espresso, then Black Gold will set you buzzing. The documentary explores the plight of Ethiopian coffee farmers and the supply trade and it is so beautifully shot and poetically constructed it will have you hooked and outraged. Like Forks over Knives this is a film to get the grey cells whirring and it will definitely have you thinking twice about where your next cup of coffee comes from.

8. Eat Drink Man Woman

If you can’t cope, you can always cook. Director Ang Lee cooks up a charming film following the antics and love lives of the three daughters of a renowned chef. A foodie romantic film to get your teeth stuck into. Father and chef, Mr Chu, is of great importance in the workplace but when this widower gets home it’s a different story and tensions are always nearing boiling point. It’s an inoffensive film, yet one which packs in a fair amount of cooking tips, and very easy watching.

9. Sideways

Oenophiles, this is a film for you. There’s love, there’s friendship, there’s deception – but more importantly, there is wine galore! Gorgeous vineyards, barrels, clinking of bottles; this film is paradise for the wine lover. It’s a classic American road-trip-style film and if you’re after sunny landscapes while you snuggle into the sofa as the rain whips down outside, then this film ticks all the boxes. It’s a bittersweet emotional journey touching on key themes like nostalgia, hope and friendship with eloquence. Discovering this film is akin to finding that vintage bottle of wine your father-in-law bought for your last birthday.

10. Jiro Dreams of Sushi

You haven’t seen determination, drive or perfection quite like this before. Jiro is the world’s best sushi maker; the only sushi chef to have been given three Michelin stars and even at the age of 86 he continues to push himself and his artistic talent to the very extremes. Can his son live up to his father’s achievements? Does he have any choice? Whether you already consider yourself a sushi connoisseur or are new to the technique, the film provides a rich overview of the history and techniques, while focusing primarily on Jiro Ono’s extraordinary character and expectations, both of himself and those around him. Jiro Dreams of Sushi is moving, inspiring and simply stunning film.

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