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Every Bristolian knows the first signs of approaching summer. It’s not bluebells or birds chirruping in the trees; it’s the when the tulips start to smoke and the tipis go up. We are, of course talking about Eat Drink Bristol Fashion. The tipi village has gone up and already the hungry residents of Bristol are flocking to soak up the atmosphere, catch up with friends over tapas and dance into summer. It’s the pop up of choice for Bank Holiday weekend, and on Tuesday evening we headed over for a sneak peek.

Eat Drink Bristol Fashion may be hosted in a fairytale wonderland of tipis and twinkling lights, live music and entertaining demonstrations, but the emphasis is firmly on great local cuisine. It’s the chance for anyone and everyone to get up close and personal with some of Bristol and Bath’s finest chefs, to sample what these guys offer in their accolade-heavy establishments and to reaffirm our connection to the wonderful food we have in our vicinity.

It was an evening of chatting, eating and general merriment, with a few guest speakers, including Michelin-starred Josh Eggleton, head chef of the Pony and Trap.

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Hannah Burton had this to say: If the press launch is anything to go by, Eat, Drink, Bristol, Fashion is set to be a roaring success again this year. The oh-so-cool tipis are the perfect, chilled out setting for an event that’s all about great food, drink and music. Sipping on a gorgeous gin and elderflower concoction whilst tucking into delicious tapas has got to be one of the best ways to spend an evening, and the scallop pops are still making my mouth water.

Sian Griffths has been waiting for the tipis eagerly: I always look forward to the arrival of Eat Drink Bristol Fashion – partly because it marks the near arrival of summer, but mainly because it means that it’s time for Queen Square turns into a tipi village. If the gin cocktails, delicious nibbles and lively atmosphere from the opening night are anything to go by, we’re in for a treat again this year.
This is probably my favourite pop-up of the year. I’m a huge believer in the ‘field-to-fork’ ethos that’s behind the whole thing, and the event is a great way to show off the wealth of culinary talent the South West has to offer. Luckily (or unluckily) for me, the office is in dangerously close proximity to the event, so I’ll be showing my face more than once for a tasty tapas feast.

Fed Up & Drunk’s Eat Drink highlights 

3 Highlights

For the keen home cook
Monday May 4th
Taste of Bristol Cookery Education in Action
From 10:30am until 6pm there will be a medley of interactive cooking demos going on in the tipis. Peppered with live music interludes, the demonstrators include the likes of Adrian Kirikmaa from Bristol College, Barny Haughton from the Square Food Foundation and star-of -the-show Josh Eggleton, who’ll be putting one of the bands through their paces with his cooking demo.

For the green, clean eco-machine 
Sunday 3rd May
Taste of Bristol Goes Green with The Community Farm
Interested in a green kitchen? This Sunday Eat Drink Bristol Fashion are hosting an afternoon of sustainable cooking with a bit of a twist. Each live music act will be given a Community Farm veg box. They are then challenged to create a dish that’s mouth-wateringly tasty and good for the planet. Angelic vocalist, Claudia Aurora will be joined by Jo Ingleby from Demuths Vegetarian Cookery School, for example (with audience tastings to decide the winner!) While later in the afternoon the utterly inspiring Pink Occulus will be joined by Josh Eggleton who is tasked with preparing her favourite dish.

For the fine diner
Friday 8th May
Evening Pride of the West Dinner (8 course tasting menu)
Tried the tapas, but find yourself asking: where’s the table service, the pressed linen and silver forks? You are a fine diner and need to get yourself booked onto one of Eat Drink Bristol Fashion’s fine dining evenings. This is something that is on my bucket list, and is certainly something worth indulging in. The fine dining tipi at Eat Drink Bristol Fashion is what glamping is to camping. You might want to try the best of Bristol’s chefs (4th May) or the best of Bath’s (3rd May) but I’d advise opting for a meal that is a collaboration of top-notch culinary wizards from across the South West – eight courses, with a different chef behind each one. The menu has already been revealed, so I can say things like: crispy pig skin, braised fennel, apple, pickled mustard seeds, scallops, asparagus and prosciutto, and coffee and chocolate brownie, hazelnut, malted milk sorbet. You get the idea. I’ll leave you to discover the rest.

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For the nomad
This event is free. While you might have to reserve a place in the fine dining tent, the rest of the Eat Drink is a festival that you can pop in and out of. Looking for somewhere to have a catch up after work? Eat Drink is the best place to head to unwind. Grab a cocktail and a few plates – I’ve heard that the beef slider, the pickled mackerel and grilled asparagus are particularly good shouts – and unfurl from the day’s stresses. If the sun shines down, pick a spot of the grass and sit and listen to the buzz of the festival, the live music acts and pepper the day with fine beverages and snacks. There’s a reason it stays up for more than a week – everyone wants a slice of the action.

One of the tapas dishes that had us all raving was the scallops, so we did what any self-respecting blogger would do – hunted down Josh Eggleton for the recipe.

Josh Eggleton’s Scallop pop recipe

Josh Eggleton's scallop pops
This scallop recipe, featuring delicious bacon, illustrates the straightforward brilliance of Josh’s cooking. Mischievous, playful and certainly tasty, these scallop pops will be the talk of any dinner party.

20 scallops
10 slices of smoked dry-cured bacon, cut to the length of the scallop’s circumference
25g unsalted butter
Vegetable oil
Sea salt
Black pepper

1. Wash the scallops and dry well
2. Lay the thinly sliced bacon on a chopping board and turn the scallop onto its side. Roll and wrap the bacon carefully around the scallop and put a cocktail stick horizontally through the centre to hold the bacon in place. Repeat for each scallop
3. Heat a frying pan with a small amount of vegetable oil, season the scallops well. Once the pan is hot, sear the scallops on the bacon covered sides. The scallops will take longer to cook as they are insulated by the bacon, which also needs to cook
4. Once the bacon is cooked, flip the scallops onto one of their exposed sides for 30 seconds. Flip to cook on the other exposed side and add the butter
5. Baste the scallops in the butter until cooked. This should take no longer than 4-5 minutes – scallops are cooked when you prod them and receive a little resistance, if they are still soft – continue to cook
6. Once cooked, drain on parchment paper. Remove the cocktail stick, hold the bacon in place and insert the skewer through the scallop. Repeat for each scallop pop. Season and serve immediately.

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