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The first glimpse of warm sunshine after a long, cold winter is always a source of much excitement in the UK – it’s when we dare to feel a teensy bit hopeful that we might just be lucky enough to enjoy a good summer, and is usually accompanied by ill-advised premature wearing of shorts and other summer attire. Evenings are longer, days are brighter (most of the time) and everyone seems more cheerful. It’s also a great time to do a spring clean and treat your kitchen to a little TLC and some spring homewares to welcome in the new season (any excuse to buy some shiny new things, really).

Colour pop bamboo accessories, Oliver Bonas 

Oliver Bonas

Combining rustic bamboo with a pop of colour, this collection of pots, bowls and serving spoons offers an easy and pocket-friendly way to refresh your kitchen and dining room with a few bright accessories. Buy all of one colour if being coordinated is your thing, or mix and match for a more eclectic look.

Eco dishcloths, The Foodie Bugle

eco dishcloths Foodie Bugle

Why settle for using boring, plain dishcloths when you could use these patterned ones from The Foodie Bugle? These attractive washable cloths are created by Swedish designer Marie Davis in Oxfordshire from all natural materials, and are 100-per-cent biodegradable so can be popped onto your compost heap after you’ve finished scrub-a-dub-dubbing with them.

Copper homewares, H&M

copper homewares H&M

Copper accents have been big news on interior design blogs for some time now and are a trend that looks set to stick around for a while. High street favourite H&M has plenty of gorgeous copper homewares if you fancy introducing the look into your home in time for spring, at a price that won’t break the bank. Whether your pad is a minimalist paradise that’s all clean lines and white surfaces (I wish) or has a more bohemian vibe (otherwise known, in my case, as cluttered), adding a few copper accessories is an easy way to give your home an up-to-date feel.

Moorish stoneware, Dotcomgiftshop

Moorish stoneware dotcom

These vibrant stoneware teapots, bowls, mugs and plates from Dotcomgiftshop nail two of-the-moment styles in one – spring florals and geometric prints – and are just the ticket for spring and summer as they are rather fittingly adorned with hand-painted geometric floral designs. I feel full of the joys of spring just looking at them.

Enamelware, Howkapow 


Enamelware is another homeware trend that doesn’t look to be going away anytime soon, and for good reason – combining a sleek white finish with a little bit of colour and a vintage feel, these serving trays, mugs and teapots are classic and simple enough to go with your existing kitchenware, yet stylish enough to make a statement.

Table linens, Donna Wilson

Table linens Donna Wilson

The British summer is never as idyllic as we would like it to be, and sunny spells are often dotted with grey skies and showers, so adorning your dinner table with the sun, cloud  and raindrop placemats from designer Donna Wilson’s quirky range is an apt way to celebrate its arrival.

Drinking jars with carrier, Dotcomgiftshop 

Drinking jars

Picture this: you find yourself blessed with some sunshine of a weekend, so invite a few friends round to enjoy drinks in the garden. But what will you carry the drinks out with? The potential for disaster when carrying them out to your thirsty friends on a wobbly tray is surely not worth the risk, so instead opt for these adorable drinking jars, which come complete with their very own carrier. There will be no spillage, and they look cute too. Win.

Michelle Grady

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