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Wedding favours

Food makes up an important part of every wedding day, but it doesn’t all have to be about the wedding breakfast – there are plenty of ways for gourmands to incorporate food into the whole day. Wedding favours are traditionally a way for the bride and groom to thank their guests for being part of their special day, so why not do it with food?

With the average UK wedding now costing around £21000, any opportunity for the happy couple to save a few pennies is a good thing. Most of the following ideas for favours can be homemade with a little time and effort, saving you money. Whether your budget does allow for shop-bought favours or you’re planning some crafty evenings, your guests are sure to appreciate the thought and tastiness of these.

Take me to the candy shop

Sweets in jars

Sweeties are a great favour option for those with a sweet tooth, and there are lots of ways for you to present them. Ask your friends and family to save small glass jars – pesto jars are the ideal size. Once they’ve been scrubbed clean, spray paint the lids to match your colour scheme or cover the lids with a cute patch of fabric, tied with a piece of twine. Fill each jar with lovely sweets, and voilà, you have an easy-peasy foodie favour. Attach name tags to the jars and they’ll double-up as place cards.

You could also cut the cost of decorating the venue by using large jars of pretty sweets instead of costly centrepieces. Simply buy or rent old-fashioned sweet shop jars and scoops and fill the jars with brightly coloured sweets – each table can be named after the sweets, so your table plan will have gum drop and jelly baby tables. For favours, give every guest a red and white striped confectionary bag with a pretty homemade name tag and invite them to fill up a bag of sweets to take home.

Top tip: You can buy sweets in bulk from places like Macro or Costco, and flumps and marshmallows not only look adorable, but they take up a lot of space so you won’t need to buy too many.


Jam in jars

Giving a small jar of local or homemade jam or marmalade as a favour is also a great idea for foodies. If you’re going for shop-bought favours, you can buy really pretty little jars of jam in bulk and add personalised labels, or you could ask local farm shops if they can provide small jars of their best jams and marmalades – this means you don’t have to get too crafty.

For those at home in the kitchen (or those with willing friends, relatives or colleagues), handing out small jars of specially made jam, marmalade or chutney can add a really nice personal touch. You can buy small jars from cheap homeware shops, or get your friends and family to start collecting glass jars for you in advance. Happily, you can make jam a long time in advance so you don’t need to worry about last-minute projects. Closer to the big day, just decorate the jars with pretty ribbons and fabric lids.

C is for cookie, that’s good enough for me

Cookie favours

Everyone loves cookies and biscuits. You can buy personalised cookies pre-packaged in cellophane bags, or if you fancy getting creative, this is an easy project and a real money-saver – all you need is a bit of time and some basic baking skills. Enlist the help of your maids to bake the cookies and spend a couple of hours icing them together – they don’t need to look perfect as any mistakes will just add to their charming homemade style. You can decorate them as elaborately as you want (or are capable of), and can even buy personalised cookie cutters and icing stamps to make decorating them that bit easier.

Top tip: Sugar cookies or shortbread biscuits last really well, so as long as you keep them in an air-tight container you should be able to make them in advance – no bride wants to be icing biscuits at 1am the night before her wedding.

Grow Your Own Gift

Grow your own gift

Give your guests a green-fingered gift by doling out seed packets as favours. Choose your favourite herbs, like rosemary or oregano, or, for fans of Mojitos, give them what they need to grow their own mint plant. Seeds are incredibly cheap so this is great for couples with a lower budget, and it’s something that your guests can keep enjoying long after the wedding day. You can package the seeds prettily in printed packets whether you buy them on a website like Not On The High Street or make your own with some craft paper, glue and a personalised stamp.

Sloe Down


I went to a wedding in Scotland once where the favours were miniature bottles of whisky from a local distillery – not only was it a lovely treat, but it also incorporated the local area into the day. If you want to make this an even more personal gift, why not brew something yourselves? More and more people are getting into foraging so it’s quite easy to find the best spots for it. Keep an eye out for sloe berries in autumn and you can brew your own sloe gin – a lovely gift for your grown-up guests. To present them, simply attach a name tag to each bottle with ribbon and they’ll also serve as place cards. You could also decorate the favours like a boozy bride or groom, adding a felt bow-tie or mesh veil to the neck/ top of each bottle – adorable.

If you like the idea of mini bottles for favours but don’t fancy giving out alcohol, you could also bottle up some nice, local olive oil. Infusing it with a sprig of rosemary makes it look pretty and taste even more delicious.

For even more homemade favour ideas, check out what we made for our loved ones this Christmas – add pretty bows and labels to any tasty treat and your guests will love you!

Hannah Burton

Hannah Burton

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