In case you hadn’t heard, we bagged ourselves a trophy…

UKBA awards

Last week half a dozen of the Fed Up & Drunk team fell down the rabbit hole and landed in Wonderland and snapped up the UK Food and Drink Blog of the Year Award.

It’s been a few months since we were shortlisted for the UK Blog of the Year Awards. Our graphic designer, Holly Bradford, had designed the winning image that would be used on the certificates, so we already had a winner in our midst as we donned our finest garbs and hopped on the train to London (Prosecco in hand of course).

Wonderland was actually the prestigious Montcalm Hotel and as we approached the grand entrance, flanked by the familiar sight of our designer’s winning ‘Alice Through the Looking Glass’ banners, we were stopped in our tracks by this gentleman:

2 Mad Hatter

I say, stopped, as we weren’t so much greeted with the opening line: “Not wanted here. Get out please.” The Mad Hatter, of course, would pepper our evening with backwards phrases, giggles and a whole lot of madness. The event itself was beautifully decked out with faux trees and a glowing, grinning Cheshire cat and bloggers swished about tense and eager to hear the winners.

3 Interior

In true Fed Up & Drunk manner, we were a little pre-occupied by the food on offer. Tiny glasses of cauliflower and truffle soup wafted their through the crowds on shining silver platters. That certainly got our attention and we proceeded to sample the artichoke risotto, ballotine of spiced chicken and the most adorable sliders, smaller than the size of your palm.

The evening was full of little twists and turns and if you glimpsed the Mad Hatter going up and down the staircase backwards, it took a few seconds to realise that it wasn’t you or the wine – though, maybe a few glasses more and he’d start to make sense.

The awards ceremony was eagerly awaited. We had two short listings to look out for: one for Fed Up & Drunk and one for our baby sister, Food Festival Finder. The vibe was electric as each winner danced, cheered or (quite literally) bounced up to the sound of their names. When it came to our category we were tense; we were on edge; we were hopeful and some of us were still scoffing the food! So it was with mild shock we headed on stage to the sound applause and cameras flashing.

4 Ceremony

We want to give a shout out to Adam from LDN Life whose blog has been Highly Commended two years running, and who kept us entertained throughout the evening with his antics. The most beautiful ‘dress to impress’ had to go to Faya, author of Fitness on Toast and winner of Best Lifestyle Blog – though Catherine Summers’ Klimt-esque floor-length gown was mesmerising. Most confused bloggers were certainly Wedding Sparrow blog, who (rather aptly) found out they had won from a little bird – namely Twitter – and were most confused for a few hours, replying “have we won something!”. Most hipster name has to be awarded to Media Beard and we loved the blog Saddle Drunk “intoxicated with the freedom of cycling.” In fact, it was a total pleasure to be in the company of so many great writers and the ‘power of the blog’ was sung from the treetops. The words of one blogger rang true: “We’re all winners.”

Although, that didn’t curb our Cheshire cat grins and the spring in our steps as we headed home. A mouthful of dessert for the journey? Don’t mind if we do.


If you want to win something (it’s a nice feeling), check out our competitions page. There’s always something tasty.

Emma Cullen

Emma Cullen

Emma is an ex-Fed Up & Drunker who has now been released into the wild.

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