These festive treats will be the icing on the cake of your Christmas day…

 Christmas Cakes 2014

What’s the most important part of Christmas Day? Family? Friends? Presents? We know what you’re really thinking: it’s all about the cake! So don’t rush into anything; take your time and peruse our list of the best Christmas cakes on offer this year. You don’t have to thank us, but save us a slice.

 Robin cake from The Cake Store

One for the Kids
Christmas Robin Cake, £99 – Serves 35
Although this is utterly perfect for the children on Christmas Day, I am sorely tempted to order one myself. This is one of the cutest, most eye-catching cakes around and is definitely worth adorning your spread with. Not only does it look pretty impressive, but you know this cake is going to taste awesome because it’s made by The Cake Store, one of London’s premier cake-makers.

 Inspiral Lounge Raw Cake

The Angelic Cake
Luxury Raw Christmas Cake, £3.25 – Serves 1
Inspiral Lounge are known nationwide for their gorgeous vegan and raw cuisine, and this year they have launched a raw, vegan Christmas pud in a tub. This is great to pop in the freezer for a health-conscious guest, to take to the in-laws or just to enjoy as a festive treat all to yourself. It’s organic, raw, gluten-free and has no added cane sugar; you can eat it straight from the jar (no burning the roof of your mouth) and it’s topped with a dreamy coconut vanilla. In other words it’s completely guilt-free and delicious.

Heston at Waitrose Ultimate Chocolate Bar

Heston’s Hurrah
Ultimate Chocolate Bar, £9.99 – 10 Servings
Well, it wouldn’t be Christmas without a Heston cake. This celebrity chef rolls out one every year with festive regularity Santa himself would be proud of. While there may be no escape from Heston at Christmas, there’s a reason his cakes have people fighting in the aisles – they are quite simply amazing. Just look at the Ultimate Chocolate Bar; it’s a slab of adult indulgence wrapped in childhood nostalgia. Think back to the Hero Bars you used to get in your lunch box. Then imagine it as a pudding. Would it be made up of a layer of chocolate caramel mousse, a layer of nougat mousse, some salted caramel, chocolate biscuits, sponge and be coated in a gleaming layer of ganache? Of course it would. Fiona Cairns Waitrose Christmas Cake

The Three-in-One
Fiona Cairns’ Three Bauble Cake, £30 
Fiona Cairns is debuting a luxury range in Waitrose, including this three bauble cake. Slice into the first bauble to reveal traditional Christmas fruit cake; move along and dig into a second made of chocolate cake, and – you guessed it – the third is golden sponge. So, no matter what your cake preference, there’s something in just the one cake for all the family. You’ve got to love the design of this cake. It’s almost a bit space age. Good work, Ms Cairns.

 M&S Praline Christmas Cake

The Christmas Carol
5 Gold Rings Praline Brownie Cake, £18 – Serves 10 
Let’s face it – when it comes to dessert, chocolate is always a winner. You might want to skip Christmas dinner altogether with this treat on offer. Five gold rings encircling a gooey chocolate brownie cake, covered in praline ganache – how on earth can you resist? The gold rings have been handmade and I think you’ll agree that this really sets the bar high for Christmas cakes this year.

M&S Christmas Cheesestack

The Dairy Crown
Christmas Cheese Stack, £60 – Serves 20-25
Imagine a tree made of French Brie, Blackstick Blue Truckle, white Stilton with cranberry and orange wreath, Red Leicester, and Cornish Cove medium Cheddar, and you’ve imagined a cheese connoisseur’s ideal Christmas. Marks and Sparks have gone to town on an impressive five-cheese Christmas stack. Arranged to look like a Christmas tree, this cheesy concoction has everything you need for after-dinner cheese and crackers, and would make for a centrepiece big enough to have a real statement. Just make sure you’ve stocked up on enough chutney and Port.

Patisserie Valerie Yule Log

The Christmas Yule
Yule Log, £25.99
Beautifully combining the indulgence you associate with Patisserie Valerie with a fun Christmas centrepiece. This one is for all the family and especially fun-loving chocoholics (who doesn’t secretly imagining sledging down a hill of chocolate?). If you’ve got this cake making an appearance after your turkey dinner, make sure you’ve saved enough space for a hearty slice; or break it out early as a Christmas Eve treat to be enjoyed with a glass of mulled wine.

Christmas Cakes at Bettys

Go to Town
Bettys Toasted Marzipan Christmas Cake, £10-£22.50
For classic chic, Bettys’ toasted marzipan Christmas cake is the Chanel of cakes. A traditional Yorkshire recipe makes a suitably fruity Christmas cake, topped elegantly with toasted marzipan. It’s understated and utterly scrumptious. But I couldn’t bypass these chocolate treats too: a darling little milk chocolate house and this milk chocolate Christmas tree. Just imagine them either side of the Christmas cake on your dinner table. They are almost too good to eat.



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    I am trying to purchase the 3 bauble xmas cake £30.00 really want to buy this, been in local shop with no joy. Can I order one on line please? marion hall

    • Michelle Grady

      Hi Marion – I’m sure if you send Waitrose an email at they will be able to help you.

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