Bristol-based brothers awarded prestigious title in the Waitrose Good Food Guide 2015…

Jonray and Peter Sanchez-Iglesias are renowned for their visionary approach to cooking, and have been recognised for their creativity, ingenuity and dedication to excellence by this year’s Waitrose Good Food Guide with the title of Chef of the Year.

Every year, the Good Food Guide team acknowledges excellence from across the restaurant industry. Elizabeth Carter, consultant editor of the Good Food Guide, comments on what made the Sanchez brothers stand out from the crowd this year:

‘Over the past couple of years Jonray and Peter Sanchez-Inglesias have grown in stature and I’m really pleased to be able to rank them with the best chefs in the UK in the Waitrose Good Food Guide 2015. The brothers have come to understand what people want to eat, put a high premium on seasonality and freshness, and deliver dishes that are vibrantly seasoned intricately composed and utterly delicious. As a result, Casamia is proud, vital, and very much worth a visit.’

Jonray, head chef and proprietor of Casamia, comments: ‘We are ecstatic to have won Best Chefs in the Waitrose Good Food Guide 2015. We’ve worked so hard in the last eight years to earn recognition and the fact that a guide we respect so much thinks we’re worthy of this title is simply amazing. We’re not going to stop here; we’re going to work even harder, trying new ways to create spectacular food. Our ultimate aim is the Holy Grail: three Michelin stars.’



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Michelle Grady

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