Terminal 2 gets the Blumenthal treatment…


Those jetting off from Heathrow this summer should make sure they have plenty of time for a pre-flight bite, as multi-award-winning chef Heston Blumenthal will be launching a new eatery at Terminal 2: The Queen’s Terminal this week. Named The Perfectionists’ Café, Heston’s new establishment will offer a menu inspired by his In Search of Perfection series, incorporating Heston’s love for nostalgia and celebrating some of Britain’s favourite dishes and drawing on all aspects of his creative approach to cooking.

Heston explains: ‘You cannot achieve perfection as it’s entirely subjective. As a perfectionist, you can continually try to improve things, even if that means just turning everything upside down and starting again. We have had some incredible fun trying to make the best ever versions of these dishes, including using kit from cement mixers to paint sprayers and even a few explosions along the way!

But that organised chaos produced some incredible techniques – and subsequently some fantastic results. The point is, you will never be quite satisfied. It’s an endless pursuit, but when you add to the mix a bit of our quintessentially British eccentricity, that’s when the fun really begins. For me, The Perfectionists’ Café is about the realisation of that journey in an actual café; it’s about everything we questioned and about harnessing the very excitement of that journey for the diner.’

In true Heston style, the care and attention given to every detail at The Perfectionists Café is astonishing – the burgers are the perfect size (three fingers in height, if you were wondering), the fish batter has a scientifically proven satisfying crunch, and the wood-burning oven cooks at the optimal temperature to produce authentically sloppy yet crisp Neapolitan-style pizzas. The fish and chips even comes with an atomiser which can be sprayed directly on the food or in the air to recreate the taste and smell of the traditional British chip shop.

What’s more, Heston’s trademark liquid nitrogen is put to good use here too in the ice cream parlour at the entrance to the restaurant. Two steel cylinders holding liquid nitrogen will be pumping it to the ice cream maker; with a subzero temperature of -196°C, the nitrogen freezes the custard so quickly that the ice crystals that form are minuscule, producing the smoothest of ice creams in double-quick time. Of course, this level of perfectionism is carried through to the bar’s offering too, with a variety of concoctions featuring premium spirits, hand-pressed juices and handcrafted infusions.

All this can be enjoyed in surroundings designed in conjunction with renowned hospitality design specialist Afroditi Krassa, who has created a space that is rooted in nostalgia and harks back to the heyday and glamour of 1960s passenger flights. The café opens on 4th June and you can find out more about it on the website.

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