Treat your mum to something a bit different this year…

Although sending flowers and a card is the traditional way to show your mum you care, it’s certainly not the most creative. If you really want to spoil her this Mother’s Day, an unusual foodie gift is the way to go. These days you can get all kinds of goodies delivered, from macarons to spices. Here are a few of our favourites.


Brownies By Post from Baked!
Talented Cornwall-based entrepreneurial baker, Claire, worked as a chef for 20 years at various pubs and restaurants and has always had a passion for baking. Realising that her indulgent chocolate brownies were her most popular bake amongst family, friends and customers, she decided to set up a brownie delivery service so sweet-toothed folk across the UK can enjoy them too.

Each of these chocolatey delights is baked to order using the very best ingredients, including free-range local eggs and butter, rich Belgian chocolate and Madagascan vanilla, and attractively packaged with your own personal message. Mouth-watering varieties include hazelnut mocha, peanut swirl and rum and raisin. Crisp on the outside and rich and gooey in the middle, these heavenly, melt-in-the-mouth brownies are the perfect Mother’s Day treat. You might want to order some for yourself too – these are too good to miss.

Macaroon Making Kit from Miss Macaroon
If your mum is a dab hand at baking, she’ll love this simple macaroon-making kit. It offers the key equipment you’ll need to make professional-looking macaroons, plus handy hints and tips. The kit includes: a French macaroon shell recipe and chocolate French macaroon shell recipe, Miss Macaroon’s top tips, a vintage brass sugar thermometer, a recipe for super-fine almond meal, a thermo ultra flex piping bag, a piping nozzle and a macaroon tray template. Alternatively, you can simply order your mum a box of beautifully made macaroons – prices start from just £12.50 a box.

Spice Subscription Boxes from The Spicery
Some (mothers) like it hot. If your mum is one of them, and loves nothing more than cooking up a curry, a spice box from The Spicery is the ideal Mother’s Day gift. There’s a special Mother’s Day box featuring recipes and spices to make a lovely light meal. Alternatively, you could treat her to the Friday Night curry boxes containing fresh spices and recipe cards with which to create a tasty curry and side dishes, available for a three, six or twelve-month subscription.

If your mum is an adventurous sort, choose the Discoverer Box, which features a continually changing range of new recipes from India, South East Asia and even further afield, including aromatic Thai curries, fiery Sri Lankan seafood curries, and rich, sweet Caribbean dishes. If your mum is a classic curry fan, on the other hand, choose the Favourites Box, which includes a selection of well-known curries and sides. A vegetarian box is available too.

Grow-Your-Own Kits from Plant Theatre
These fun grow-your-own kits are great gifts for experienced and budding gardeners alike and offer a quirky alternative to the usual Mother’s Day flowers. Our favourite of the selection, which includes a funky veg kit and a chilli-growing set, is the Garden Cocktail kit, which features everything you need to grow plants to flavour and garnish your favourite tipple, plus 18 original cocktail recipes created by expert mixologists. What’s more, you don’t need a huge garden to use one of these kits – some can be grown indoors, while others only need a small balcony or patio. The Plant Theatre website also offers a whole host of lovely gardening accessories and pots – we love these willow teacup planters.

Michelle Grady

Michelle Grady

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