Jen celebrates the beginning of spring at Prezzo…

The sun is finally out (sort of) and it feels like spring is on its way, so, starting the new season as we mean to go on, myself and a friend headed to Prezzo in Bristol one Friday evening for an indulgent meal followed by some suitably summery gelato.

The clientele consisted of couples, friends and work colleagues, who, like us, were winding down after a hectic week. Prezzo is the perfect place to take time out – the ambience is relaxed and informal, and the interior is tastefully decorated, with an eclectic mix of wood panelling and industrial lighting. We got comfy in one of the booths, and took a moment to admire the restaurant’s beautiful architectural features and stylish furnishings.

Our waiter had great personality and we could tell he was passionate and knowledgeable about his role and the Prezzo menu. We were finding choosing tricky, so he made some recommendations for us and we were absolutely thrilled with his choices. I went with the penne con salmone, featuring oak-roasted salmon fillet with broccoli and red chilli in a creamy tomato and pesto sauce, which was rich and robust in flavour, with a just-right amount of piquancy added by the chilli. My dining partner enjoyed tender chargrilled chicken breast with field mushrooms and leeks in a Gorgonzola sauce, served with fluffy rosemary potatoes. She allowed me to steal a few bites – the Gorgonzola sauce was decadently creamy, and the rosemary potatoes were the best roast new potatoes I’ve ever had the pleasure of trying.

After polishing off our delicious mains, the moment that we’d been waiting for had arrived: it was time for gelato. London-based ice cream makers, Gelupo, has received rave reviews since starting up in 2010, and now a tempting menu of its delectable gelato is available at Prezzo restaurants across the country.

Although you can order the gelato in the usual one, two or three scoops, we were intrigued by the idea of the Gelupo burger: a toasted brioche bun filled with two scoops of the gelato of your choice. Following our waiter’s advice, we opted to fill ours with one scoop of moreish amaretti gelato, intensely flavoured with amaretti biscuits and boasting a mouth-watering aroma of bitter almonds, and another of the delectable hazelnut gelato, which is made with ground dark-roasted Piedmontese hazelnuts. If that wasn’t enough Gelupo-based indulgence, we were then presented with a scoop of cherry sorbet to try too, which was zingy, refreshing and a great palate-cleanser to finish off a meal.

Gelupo’s gelato (try saying that quickly after a couple of Prezzo cocktails) makes a great addition to Prezzo’s already outstanding dessert selection. I plan to return on a warm afternoon to sit out on the terrace and soak up the sun while enjoying a few scoops of gelato and a refreshing gin and tonic. Here’s hoping for a hot summer. You can see Prezzo’s full Gelupo selection on the website, along with the latest specials, menus and offers.

Michelle Grady

Michelle Grady

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