It’s time to celebrate all things pie in aid of Jus-Rol’s British Pie Week…

It’s official: pie makes everybody happy. Well, a good percentage of us anyway. According to a recent survey by Olive magazine, a staggering 41 per cent of pub punters listed a good homemade pie as an essential part of the traditional pub experience. Nothing sounds more tempting than sitting in front of a roaring fire with a pint of real ale and a home-cooked pie – it’s no wonder we’re a nation obsessed. Luckily for us, Jus-Rol is celebrating 60 years of pastry goodness by paying homage to the ever-versatile and much-loved British pie with a whole week dedicated to it. That’s right; from the 3rd of March we will have a legitimate reason to eat pie for dinner every day, if only for a week.

Pies date back to the Greek and Roman times, when they would fill little pastries with fruit, eggs and even tiny birds – something that was also in fashion in the decadent courts of 16th-Century Britain, when lavish songbird-filled pies were all the rage. It’s unlikely you’ll find four and twenty blackbirds baked in your pub pie (although Heston Blumenthal has been known to bake a few homing pigeons); nowadays we Brits prefer a hearty steak and ale pie above and beyond any other filling. If you fancy pie-ticipating in British Pie Week, you’ll find loads of tips and recipes on the official Pie Week website.

Emma Cullen

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