Because Christmas just isn’t Christmas without a cocktail…

While classic mulled wine will never cease to be a Yuletide staple, sometimes the occasion calls for something a touch more special, especially if you’re throwing a big bash to celebrate the impending arrival of Saint Nick.

Cocktails just can’t be beaten on glamour-factor – but which to choose? A quick internet search will uncover a seemingly endless amount of seasonal concoctions, and the Brockmans Gin team has come up with their own Christmassy blend to add to the mix: the Gin and Ginger Squared.

A fun twist on the traditional winter sloe gin, this lovely libation features Brockmans Gin served with ginger two ways – ginger ale and a slice of fresh ginger root. The gin’s aromatic botanicals and strong citrus, coriander and berry notes work beautifully with the sharp tang of the ginger, making this a top tipple with which to celebrate the silly season.

To make your Gin and Ginger Squared, start by cutting slim slices of fresh root ginger to create a fan. Fill a highball glass with ice, and pour over one measure of Brockmans Gin. Add ginger ale, garnish with the fresh ginger fan, and say ‘cheers’ to Santa in style. Check out this handy video to watch it being shaken up by a professional.

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