Forego the bow and wrap your mouth around these presents…

Christmas Treats

Need to find a gift for a chocolate lover, pie fan or cheese fiend? Then read on for our pick of the best foodie treats. Be warned, though – you may well want to keep some of these for yourself.

Chocolates & Patisserie

Macarons & More
Macaron superstar Tim Kinnaird is actually a doctor, which means it’s medically recommended* to gorge yourself on his beautiful patisserie. A box of twelve salted caramel macarons will make anybody smile.
* This may not be true.

Macarons & More Macarons

The Chocolatier
Aneesh Poppat’s method of making chocolate truffles using water is notoriously difficult, as it cuts out the classic ganache of butter and cream. The result is a pure, luxurious cocoa taste that will utterly delight. Chocolates from The Chocolatier


There is a menagerie of marinades, oils, rubs, dips and drizzles available from Adesso, who pride themselves on the quality and versatility of their flavours. Their produce is so renowned, in fact, that they were asked to supply the orange and honey marinade to the head chef for the Queen’s lunch at Wimbledon in 2010.

Raspberry Vinaigrette, Poppy Seed Vinaigrette and Chilli Rub

Casa de l’Oli
The Casa de l’Oli team are passionate about honing their flavoured olive oils, and it shows the moment you taste one. The rosemary-infused extra virgin olive oil is spot-on –a herbaceous, fragrant delight that marries the two flavours wonderfully – while the sun-dried tomato oil’s vibrant colour is an immediate draw. You can even order these in decorative bottles.

Christmas Gift Olive Oils from Casa de l'Oli


Legges of Bromyard
Each of the six varieties on offer from Legges of Bromyard are big, bold and jam-packed with top-notch ingredients. Try out The Town Crier, which is made with Herefordshire free-range pork, Hampton Court Venison, Legges tomato and chilli jam.

The Town Crier and The Publican Pies from Legges of Bromyard

Bristol-born Pieminister are once again offering a selection of festive pies that tick all the right boxes. The Three Kings features free-range British turkey, roast parsnip and free-range British pork and cranberry stuffing in a creamy sauce, while the vegetarian pick, Christingle, is full of honey-roast parsnips, chestnuts, leek and Cheddar cheese.

Christmas Pies from Pieminister


Sainsbury’s Truckles
Sainsbury’s range of eight cheese truckles can easily hold their own against other cheeseboard favourites. At 80 grams each, one makes for a perfect individual portion if you fancy a snack on someWensleydale and cranberry, while a neatlyarranged stack will do the job when you’re serving a crowd.

Christmas Cheddar Truckles from Sainsbury's

Snowdonia Cheese Company
The Snowdonia Cheese Company deals almost exclusively in award-winning Cheddars. These truckles come in at a weighty 200grams, so a couple will keep you going for a while. The Ginger Spice and Green Thunder (with garlic and herbs) varieties are particularly moreish.

Snowdonia Cheese Company Christmas Cheeses

Sweet Treats

Gower Cottage Brownies
Kate Jenkins is the kitchen goddess behind Gower Cottage Brownies. From her humble abode, she produces moist, chocolatey, crumbly, intense pieces of heaven that simply have to be tasted to be believed. You’ll often read a lot of hype about sweet treats; rarely is it as true as it is here. Buy as many as you can reasonably allow.

Gower Cottage Brownies

English Cheesecake Company
Last but certainly not least is the English Cheesecake Company, who offer many, many types of cheesecake or bespoke creations for your extra special Christmas gift. These are the kind of puddings that are made with a lust for flavour and indulgence; their cheesecakes come overflowing with toppings and are some of the creamiest around.

English Cheesecake Company Cheesecakes

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