Count down the days of December a little differently this year…

Unusual Advent Calendars

Don’t get me wrong: chocolate is never going to get boring. When it comes to chocolate advent calendars though, we all know the element of surprise has well and truly gone. Here’s our pick of the best alternative advent calendars, guaranteed make this year’s Christmas countdown a little more interesting.

Whisy Advent Calendar from Master of Malt

The Whisky Advent Calendar – Master of Malt – £149.95
With your daily treat coming in the form of a little dram of whisky, this is a chocolate-free calendar that we can really get on board with. It may make the usual sneaky mass gorge (you know, the one that often occurs around the 10th December when the novelty of waiting has worn off) slightly less advisable, though.

Niederegger Christmas Tree Advent from Selfridges

Niederegger Christmas Tree Advent Calendar – Selfridges – £29.99
Who says marzipan is only for Christmas cake? The marzipan masters at Niederegger make the stuff so well that we don’t think we’d even make it to the 10th before scoffing the lot with this one.

Tea Christmas Advent Calendar from Cup of Tea Ltd

Tea Advent Calendar – Cup of Tea Ltd – £28.50
Know someone who always has a brew in their hand? This little gem will suit them to a tea (ahem). With a different type of leaf for every day of the big build up, it offers the perfect pick-me-up after braving the December high streets in search of presents. Vanilla apple, winter herbs, chocolate chai and Bourbon vanilla are just a few of the festive flavours inside.

Advent Biscuit Tin from Biscuiteers

Advent Biscuit Tin – Biscuiteers – £45
From holly to Christmas trees, stockings to Santa, each one of these 24 little biscuits are beautifully hand iced. So, unlike your usual half-melted, badly moulded chocolate shapes, you’ll be able to tell exactly what each one is.

Truffles For Two Advent Calendar from Hotel Chocolat

Truffles for Two – Hotel Chocolat – £26
With a mini-truffle twosome behind each door, this calendar lets you share your Christmas countdown with someone special – or just enjoy double the dose. We know what we’d do.

Gluten-free, Nut-free, Organic and Fairtrade Advent Calendar from Naturally Good Food

Dairy-free Calendar – Naturally Good Food – £4.95
To those that have been robbed of chocolaty treats in past advents due to special dietary requirements: this deprivation continues no more. This bad boy from Plamil is dairy-free, gluten-free, nut-free, organic and Fairtrade. I don’t think anyone can argue with that.

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