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It’s been a while since I’ve written about the (now BBC One-bound) Great British Bake Off; partly because I felt it hit a mid-season lull, and partly because it inspired me to get off the sofa and bake stuff myself. I didn’t whip up any Stilton and walnut macarons though – which, for the first time in the show’s history, were something that sounded genuinely unappealing – or carrot-shaped choux pastry canapés, but I did manage to make some nice crumbly ginger biscuits. Next year’s series, here I come? Perhaps not.

So Robert, Howard, Glenn and Christine all fell in front of Paul Hollywood’s sword. Each was pretty predictable, even if the order was less so – I thought Beca would have been banished from the tent long before this week’s episode. But each booted-out contestant has always been a sensible choice, unable to stand up against the three remaining bakers. Now that we’re left with Frances, Kimberley and Ruby, I reckon the finale will play out something like this:

Frances will produce a showstopper wedding cake to showstop all showstoppers. Her flavours, while balanced, won’t match the other two bakes, and her previous performance in this regard will count against her. Result: third place, a cookbook deal, and lots of website hits.

Kimberley will consistently turn out some wonderful bakes, but nothing overly special. Mary Berry will announce something of hers as being ‘scrummy’ and smile like your Grandma. Result: second place, a job at a posh bakery, and thousands of Twitter followers.

Ruby will combine one-part Frances’ design and one-part Kimberley’s flavour and snatch the top spot, but not before she gets in a big flap and, as always, spends a lot of time highlighting everything that could be wrong to preempt the judges’ criticism. And, yet again, Paul and Mary will be overjoyed with what she has brought to the table anyway. Result: the trophy, a lot of tears, a cookbook deal, and columns in newspapers and magazines for a long time to come. Hashtag team Ruby! Who are you backing?

Dominic Stroud

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