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A recent SRA survey found that found sustainability is a key issue for diners when it comes to choosing where to eat out, and it seems the team at Marriott has taken note. The company has entered into an innovative partnership with Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall’s River Cottage to create menus that celebrate and showcase local and sustainable food. These new menus have recently been launched at Hollins Hall in West Yorkshire and Cardiff Marriott and will be rolled out to more of Marriott Hotels’ 50 UK branches.

Osama Hirzalla, vice president of brand marketing and eCommerce for Marriott International in Europe, states, ‘Culinary enjoyment is a crucial element of any travel experience and the partnership with River Cottage will not only enhance the guest experience but hopefully encourage local people to try our restaurants too.’

This alliance is the latest of many initiatives from Marriott International to boost sustainable practices in its hotels; in fact, the Marriott is the only hotel group to achieve three-star sustainability status from the SRA. Changes are set to take place in several areas:

Local sourcing 80 per cent of food served will be sourced within a 60-mile radius.
Menu changes Menus will be revised daily rather than quarterly.
Waste management Food wastage will be reduced further than the current level of five per cent.
Sustainability rating The initiative aims to improve the SRA rating of each hotel.
Organic meat All meat used in the restaurants will be organic.
Free-range chicken All chicken used in the restaurants will be free-range.
Sustainable fish A ‘Future Fish’ initiative will be put in place aiming to select shellfish and fish from sustainable sources.

The new menus will showcase the very best local and seasonal produce, with starters priced from £4.75. Graig Farm in Newton will provide organic Welsh lamb for a signature dish including shoulder of lamb, smashed celeriac, chilli and thyme. Swillington Farm near Leeds will produce beef for a signature dish of slow-cooked beef brisket with anchovy, rosemary potatoes and a red wine sauce.

Marriott chefs have undergone extensive training at the River Cottage Chefs’ School and have achieved City & Guilds-accredited certificates in a range of competencies, from butchery to nutrition. River Cottage has helped the Marriott team find key local suppliers and implement sustainable practices, as well as assisting them with daily menu planning. The collaboration also supports Marriott Hotels’ new Travel Brilliantly campaign that aims to inspire exceptional travel experiences through innovation in culinary, design, technology and more.

Chris Griffin, head of education at River Cottage, says:  ‘This is an exciting project for River Cottage because of the substantial changes we can help Marriott make in procuring and cooking food.

The new menus embrace our SLOW philosophy – Seasonal, Local, Organic and Wild – and we are delighted that local food heritage is being celebrated at each hotel. This is the first phase of a project that we hope will grab the attention of the hospitality industry.’

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