Our run-down of the produce to buy for the remainder of the month…

The food calendar is busier than the diary of a millionaire’s 20-something socialite daughter. However, it’s entirely possible that many of us don’t notice the constant culinary comings and goings, as there is little change on the supermarket shelves from month to month.

Nowadays, you can pretty much pick up anything on the weekly shop, whatever the season, thanks to global imports and crafty cultivation techniques. This is no reason not to shop seasonal, though. Not when it can promise:

Lower prices – when produce is in plentiful local supply, it’s generally going to be cheaper

Better quality – at their best, fruit and veg are more nutritious and noticeably tastier

A clearer conscience – there’s no need for CO2-producing, energy-wasting cultivation and importing methods for food that’s in season

A healthier economy – buying in-season, home-reared produce is ultimately going to support our economy, whether on a local or national scale.

There are lots of root vegetables, juicy berries and game out there at the moment, all of which are fresh, tasty, locally reared and have a whole lot of nutritional love to give. So, here’s our pick of the October bunch. Grab ’em while you can.


Wild Mushrooms
Butternut Squash
Sweet corn

Meat and Seafood:
Sea bass

To us, that list positively screams chunky vegetable soups, hearty fish stews, warming casseroles and rich roast joints – exactly what we crave come the onset of winter. Lovely. And don’t for get to pick up your sloes now while they’re still about, so you can get cracking on making the perfect cockle-warming Christmas tipple.

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