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Despite being best known for creating cutting-edge cuisine, Heston Blumenthal has made no secret of his fondness for recipes of yesteryear. His latest book, Historic Heston, celebrates Britain’s culinary heritage and showcases long-forgotten dishes. As much a history reference book as it is a cookbook, Historic Heston is a culmination of the many years he has spent delving into Britain’s gastronomic past.

The book is in a similar vein to the popular television show, Heston’s Feasts, which saw the inventive chef cook up theatrical banquets inspired by his research into Britain’s gastronomic history. Spanning from medieval to Victorian times, the volume features 28 historic recipes and examines the social context of each dish, the story behind its invention and the science that makes it work.

Unsurprisingly, Heston also gives each one his trademark unexpected twist. Dishes include quaking pudding from 1660, mock turtle soup from 1892 and, of course, the famous meat fruit from 1500 that can be seen on the menu at Dinner by Heston Blumenthal.

Illustrations by Dave McKean (who has illustrated and designed over 50 books by the likes of Stephen King, Richard Dawkins and Neil Gaiman) and beautifully shot photographs make this book as pleasing to look at as it is fascinating to read. Historic Heston offers a unique insight into the workings of this world-renowned chef, and will make you rethink everything you thought you knew about British cooking.

Ahead of the book’s launch on 10th October, Bloomsbury have released an animated trailer. Heston says of the promo: ‘This animation really brings the whole energy of the book to life. It’s such a multiple-layered book with photography reminiscent of oil-on-canvas old masters, sitting alongside state-of-the-art modern imagery, with Dave’s incredible illustrations weaving the whole story together.

There is such an enormous amount of work and research in this book but it has been written in a very accessible way and this animation creates an exciting dynamic that really captures the energy of our work. It was great to work with such incredibly talented people and on a topic I am so consumed by and proud of, our British gastronomic heritage.’

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