Mini macaroon madness…

Ah, Deborah. Last week’s episode clearly signposted her demise in the competition, and her week three bakes were littered with errors – including accidentally pilfering Howard’s custard, which put her not-so-great performance firmly in the spotlight.

Her bakes have been fine so far, but there were always niggles that meant she was regularly outclassed. This week, a poor result in the technical challenge and another mistake-ridden bake meant she was off. One of her more memorable moments occurred when she was ‘helping’ Howard after half-inching his custard. He needed a spoon and, desperately wanting to redeem herself, she hastily provided a palette knife. Thanks.

The Big Brother-style double eviction would have been more of a shocker if it hadn’t been talked about since the first episode, but that’s not really Bake Off’s style. Although Mark’s technical bake and macaroons were below par, I’m not sure it warranted him leaving the competition. Despite an otherwise middle-of-the-road presence – something that he could have overcome, I think – his week one chocolate monster showstopper was a highlight. Perhaps he needed to settle and find his feet before becoming a consistent and strong player. The Beeb must have been similarly impressed with that creation of his too – they were using it as a central focus in their promos for the show. Had Beca not pulled off her delightful mini macaroons, she might’ve been in the firing line instead. Her performance thus far has been mixed, and I get the feeling she may be out next week.

Frances’ bakes in this episode also continued a worrying trend – her apple and blackberry crumble trifle was criticised as being over-decorated, and with too much custard and cream. Sue even mentioned in the judging chamber that Frances could be too focussed on style over substance. I had her picked early on as a contender to win – or definitely someone to make it to the final – but the fact she seems unable to make a more toned-down creation could get her into trouble.

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