Sally Webb checks out the Sorted Crew’s latest cookbook…

Following their online success story, which involved filming recipes together and generally japing around, the Sorted Crew’s fan base has continued to grow and demand for their unique brand of culinary wizardry has resulted in the release of several popular self-published recipe books. This group of cheeky chappies – uni buddies no less – have combined talents yet again to produce an eBook, Food With Friends, launched this summer. As well as the full eBook, each chapter is available to download individually, so you can pick and choose depending on the type of event you’re hosting.

Lending the hungry browser inspiration for just about every social occasion, from a movie night in to a picnic in the park, Food With Friends is full of delicious-looking eats. Rocky Road ice cream, smoky citrus pork and couscous, creamy crab and mussel tagliatelle: it all sounds wonderful and appears to be quick and simple to make.

But do the recipes live up to the promise of the colourful pages? On the not-so-sunny August Bank Holiday, I investigated. Tasked with bringing dessert to a friend’s barbecue, I lunged at the kitchen just hours before the first charcoal briquette turned white. As I was short of time, I needed something uncomplicated; and, hoping to appeal to the group of 30-somethings, the Pimm’s Jelly seemed an obvious choice.

The recipe is, needless to say, easy to follow – this is jelly after all. I have to say, after a lot of chopping, a bit of lemonade-boiling, some pouring and a couple of hours in the fridge, they looked pretty snazzy and caused a slight ripple of excitement when presented to my chums. General consensus: great novelty value, lots of fun factor, visually appealing and pretty tasty. I also had a crack at the lemon-iced sponge fingers – recommended for picnics – which were moist and really rather moreish.

Next up, I’m going to try my hand at making a meal using the ‘Curry Nights In’ section – perhaps sweet potato bhajis followed by lamb rogan josh with homemade naan and mango chutney. I can’t wait.

Well done lads – it’s a yes from me.

Sally Webb

Sally'’s favourite things include Sunday roasts after long country walks, BBC adaptations of Jane Austen novels, all things pasta and her dog Tiggy. Sally is currently sporting a rather large ‘preggalump’ and has not just eaten all the pies.

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  1. Dangerous Dave says:

    I think the guy in the blue t-shirt is really hot. He has beautiful eyes. Like Ryan Gosling. Except he doesn’t look like a Ryan. More like a Patrick.

    • Michelle Grady says:

      Hi Dave. Thank you for your comment. I can confirm that he is indeed a Patrick, and I’m sure he will be very flattered by your kind words.

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